Friday, February 26, 2010

Silly Pictures

I love the days when I'm in the mood for being taken pictures of, because at some point it starts to be too much fun and I'd sneak in a silly picture or two. So yeah, today I'm thankful for silly pictures, why not?

P.S. None of the frogs turned to be a king. I probably expected too much and should've settled for a prince... Hmmm


  1. silly pictures rock! ;)


  2. I just returned home from taking silly pictures with my was fun!

    I love your frogs just the way they are, royalty or not :)

  3. Haha, silly pictures are the best kinds! Btw, I love your shoes =)

  4. ..silly pictures and random ( I call them paparrazzi ) are the best ..I also like your outfits colour shades - quite different but similar as well ..I love the 2 cute frogs ,looks like from 'Princess and the frog'- I was watching with my daughter recently ..I know lot of people don't like frogs but I addore them ,they are so beautiful , especially I love when they 'sing' in the summer nights ,so beautiful creatures ..have a nice week - end darling ..

  5. ahh I love the grey pants & wedges! <33
    This is so cute! <3

  6. That's a cute pic... have a great weekend Julia! xoxo

  7. damn frogs get all the ladies....

  8. The frog bench is adorable & love to see you being silly. Someone should talk to them about what a frog is SUPPOSED to do when you kiss it. :) Have a great weekend.

  9. haha, that's funny :) i bet you've got to keep looking for the perfect frog.

    perhaps you'd like to win some fancy accessories? we have a contest going :)

    have a great weekend!

  10. they its really funny

    so sad there is no boy to kiss in your state

  11. Wa ha ha... first of all: I love your Chloe wedge sandal...trec chic~~

    Second of all, hah.... good thing YOU didn't turn into a frog!!! (if you don't know about the cartoon, "the princess and the frog", you probably won't get my joke. But anyway.... hah...

    Third, silly pic. always put a grin on people's face ...even me!!!

  12. haha great pic XD


  13. I don't like every silly pictures... this one yes! Perhaps because this is not so silly in fact :)

  14. Hehe ,funny.
    I love taking pictures too. My husband got tired of it never :)

    What a beautiful flower behind u!

    Big hug for u Julia!

    Love your comments!THX

  15. cute silly pic...I'd be thankful for more silly pics posted!

  16. Such an adorable picture, I love taking silly pics!

  17. cool if u like
    i will in frogs place
    i wont lose this opportunity

  18. I love when you post photos of yourself. This is really cute. Nice shoes, too ;)

    P.S. So no king, huh? As per our previous conversations about strange coincidences, please refer to the blue jacket on my blog.

  19. nice pic!!
    you must be patient and you'll find your prince!!
    usually something good happens when at least expected!!

  20. Cynthia, yay for the quality time with your son!

    Ellinelle, thank you! Your love and appreciationg of frogs is so charming, btw.

    Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper), haha

    Rachel, haha great point you have there!! I certainly don't really want to be a frog, I'm perfectly content with being human for now :)

    Guillaume, aw thanks!

    Kata, cool that you noticed the flowers! Love those too!

    Graham, I bet you're not going to be surprised when you realize we were reading each other's blogs at the same time and both noticed the king coinsidence practically at the time too haha And thanks! :)

    JP, oh I know, I'm not trippin here ;-)

    YJ, For The Fierce and dancinginchiffon, thanks for the shoe love! :))

  21. Surprised? Constantly and yet never.

  22. Ha - silly pictures are the best. Because you look back on them years from now and wonder what the hell you were thinking and giggle.

  23. LOVE this!!! I am thankful for silly pictures too!! I love pictures so much. Love your outfit :)

  24. Graham, this is a perfect reply. Love it.

    Shannon, and sometime swishing you never took them in the first place... Worse if you actually sent them to someone and they still store them LOL

    Caitlin, thanks, sweets!! :)


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