Monday, February 15, 2010

To Teddy

I once read somewhere that the best way to create harmony in your life and spread it to those around you was to first find and establish that harmony within yourself. This is no easy task and I could never succeed in it until I met Teddy, who has been succefully 'balancing me out' ever since.

I don't know how he does what he does, all I know is that he's my personal guarding angel. Might sound silly, but it's something I believe in and only refer like to two people I know - my grandma and my Teddy. If she's the reason I still breathe, he's the reason I still believe. She brought me back to life physically, and he brought me back to life emotionally. He heals my hurts, he always knows what to say and how to cheer me up, sometimes I get a feeling that maybe he knows me a little better than I know myself... He's always been there to save me from my demons and whisk me away from the approaching blues, never asking for anything in return - he's the opposite of selfish and I love his heart. He doesn't know this, but I compare him to my grandma a lot. They're the only people I know with such incredibly beautiful souls. I swear I can see their halos.

So Teddy, I've told you that at least like 30 times before (and I hope you're not tired of hearing it yet), but thank you so much for being in my life. Thank you for being the best friend one can be. Thank you for being my harmony. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday and God bless the parents who made you.

P.S. Got so caught up in being thankful I almost forgot it was supposed to be a birthday post, ha... Love ya!..


  1. I should be more thankful, love your posts. I'm def. following. btw, those pants are nothing special, just simple and black. Not sure why I love them so much. LOL

  2. That's tooooooooooo sweeeet think it's the best gift ever..u compare me with ur grandmo??!!
    I have not the words to describe what i have for u..what I've done for you..u've done the same for me!! I love you, thank u!!
    Your Teddy Bear)))

  3. Khatu, thank you :) I believe thankfulness is contagious, so be ready lol

    My Teddy Bear, what you've just said to me in a private message is more beautiful than you think :) Sometimes less is more and you really don't have to say a lot of things to prove anything - you've everything already by being who you are and being in my life xoxo

  4. Julia,
    I am thankful for you...everyday I read your post and I am reminded to be thankful especially for things I usually take for granted. Keep it up.

  5.'s so beautiful to have that kind of connection with someone .. the life is just amazing to have such a soulmate have a real gem in your life ..

  6. Having special people in your life is very important!!

  7. That was very sweet & heart warming. Alot of people take others for granted & it's terrible 'cause you never know when you'll lose someone you love. Your such a great & sweet person for the things you say (or the things I read) lol. It's a great feeling being connected to someone knowing theirs understanding, compassion, friendship & love.


  8. Bo, awww thank you so much!!!!

    Ellinelle, ineed :)

    Michael, ditto!

    dancingchiffon, thank you!!

    For The Fierce, thank you so much, sweety! :)

  9. La fusion entre les êtres est assez rare. Il faut en profiter pleinement. Un moment très agréable.Merci

  10. At first I thought you were referring to a teddy bear, like a sentimental object. haha was I wrong!


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