Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Risk Taker

I believe it's always better to make a mistake and learn from it, than to play it safe and regret not taking a chance. One just needs to make sure they're not repeating a mistake from the past. I'm a risk taker and I am thankful for having the guts.

What do you think?


  1. I always say that it's always better to try and fail than not to have tried at all... it's like the same with love. We learn from the mistakes we made. Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  2. If you never take risks then your life would be boring!

  3. I've taken my fair share of risks in life. Some worked out, others didn't. However, I am still alive, arent I? And, I have learned so much about myself in the process!

  4. My advice is to hide in a safe, risk-free box.

    NO! I'm just kidding. Of course you should take risks, and I'm sure you do. You amaze me.

    This reminds me a bit of the new Diesel campaign:

  5. Good for you... I'm relatively risk adverse except when it comes to my job (investing) and this has got me thinking...

  6. ALWAYS be thankful for having guts. So true. And those who harp on us for making a mistake can suck it. You know inside they wish they had more courage.

  7. ..we all risk sometimes in our life ..well , I do have things I regret but also , maybe if I have done something else instead I would say the same thing , so I believe everything happens for the best and it's written already ..but I do think it's better to take a risk then regret for not doing nothing because then you always wonder 'what if!' and it will stay in your head so no point really ..
    ..kto ne riskuet nepjot shampanskoe - well ,it's says everything : )))


  8. i couldn't agree more with you about that!i always take my risks and even that it seems that i have a loss i know that at the end of day i fall to sleep and i am alright with myself....

  9. I started out a major risk taker but I've noticed myself playing it safe the last couple years...I'll be going back to my old ways asap..I agree with you whole heartedly

  10. Yup! The more you risk the more you gain- either by reward or by knowing not to do it again. :)

  11. You're right.
    Since more than two years now, I live a life which is the consequence of a bad choice I did... But, guess what, I have no regrets about my past choice for two reasons:
    It was not a silliness choice.
    I realize that even if my choice was not the good one, I feel much better to be in the present, to act!

    I'm sorry because I haven't can read your last posts.The reason... My house burned down last tuesday!!

    To be honest, I'm fed up with all this stuffs.
    You understand when I explained to you that I had some difficulty to appreciate destiny like a simple fact...
    I really don't understand what I did to deserve such treatment since more than two years now!!!
    Anyways, I'm alive!
    I think one lesson you teach me is that I would be thankful for that..
    And my computer is alive too :):(

    With some late, very happy 6 months Birthday !!!
    You see, even in my 'dark period', the russian spark is always shining for some 'naufragés'! :)

  12. Having the guts in life is fundamental! Without them one doesn't live... risk is what makes life worth living.. not so much even succeeding. Like when it comes to dreams. Could you imagine life without your dreams? No. And could you imagine your life without having even tryed to make them come true? Yes, a very sad life. Well.. think of someone who did EVERYTHING to realize them. That person sure did live his dreams. His life.

  13. So so true, guys! Love how we all share the same idea and how all of us seemed to put it a little differently when it came to wording it!

    Graham, lol at the campaign!

    Guillaume!!! This is terrible, oh my!! Let me get back to you on it in an email!!

    Café Naïveté, very true!!

  14. I really wish i was a risk taker, but iam afraid am just not brave enough. So much in my life would be different if only i had the balls. LOL


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