Monday, April 12, 2010

Boys & Girls

I think it's actually pretty cool how men and women are different. If we were the same, the puzzle would always be left undone.

P.S. The picture is of the bathroom door plates at 10 Corso Como Cafe in Milan.


  1. yess... men and women HAVE TO BE different.. what fun there'd be otherwise? without men not understanding us, women, the way we want, life would be hell boring!!!

    PS! me and alarms don't quite get a long.. my alarm constantly tries to play jokes on me, lol...
    you chose so originally the material for your 8th March speech! :) I do remember yes, in russian culture the women's day is celebrated with a great joy and party! Here too, the men like to remember women by giving them the mimosa (the smelly yellow flower).

  2. ..well , boys and girls - make complicated life for each other but I guess this is the beauty of it : )OMG , I can't even imagine if there was only girls or only boys , I think worl would be in total mess ..the truth is that men and woman are ment to be on the one planet and cope with each other : )))we like the challenge ..he he : )

    Julia - thank you about your compliment about my legs ,it made me really really smile : )))

  3. Ah yes, our differences are the curse and the blessing. As much as some men are completely built wrong (haha), we do love them and couldn't live without them.

  4. It would be reeeeeeeeally boring, if we were the same.

  5. like the drawings of the doors. just a line and a few details.

  6. Soooo true!

    Btw, your version of rice sounds a little like how we make our grits here! Maybe one day when I travel the world and visit Russia, I'll try it! =)

  7. nice pic....
    i love girls,how different they are!!!

  8. Amen to that!!!! I think we all need to chill a bit about trying to pretend we're the same. I appreciate the differences.


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