Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Think Positive

Imagine the situation.

I’m at work. I’m wearing light gray pants. I stain my butt with chocolate.

It doesn’t look pretty.

But I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later – eating chocolate behind a desk might not be the best idea. Looks like a piece of my dark 85% cocoa Lindt Excellence chocolate bar broke off and fell on my chair when I wasn’t looking… Then I sat back and now it’s all over my behind.

Thankful thing I happen to wear a cardi over a tee today, so at least I can tie it around my waist to cover this mess up and go home without having to expose those suspicious brown stains. I'm a true chocolate lover for real.


  1. hahah I cant stop laughing sorry.I just wanted to say,I bet you will never eat chococlate again at work LOL.Thank God you had the long sweater LOL.

  2. OMG. Hahaha that's hilarious/humiliating all at once!

  3. Hahaha! It always happen to me... that's a real sign of chocolate addiction. But we do love chocolates right? So it's always best to have a spare outfit or a cardigan to cover the mess. xoxo

  4. ..Oh my God , this post made me laught as well : ))) it's just so funny how you wrote that also ..when you went home I guess you giggle inside : ) I do in such funny situations : )
    This your situation ( and always that kind ) reminding me about SATC episodes , the girls always had something funny like this : )
    and Thanks now for washing machines and Ariel ..he he he

  5. Hahahahahah....you are awesome! You made me laugh really hard! Thank you for THAT :D

  6. Sorry baby!
    At least you got to eat your chocolate!!

    Funny story :)


  7. Lol your so silly, thankfully we bring sweaters and cardigans to work, if it were summer nd u didn't have dat cardi - oh man you'd be in trouble!


  8. OmGosh Julia! I'd be lying if I said this post didn't make me giggle... but I could also see this exact same situation happen to me. :) Hope you're having a great day!

    xx Love & Aloha

  9. Sadly...I've been there! ah ha ha

  10. You are so funny. This post reminded me of when I sat on a huge piece of bubble gum in middle school. It would NOT come off of my ass, and everytime I sat down in a chair for the rest of the day, I stuck to it. It made a loud noise when I got up. So not cool in middle school.

  11. it sounds like an entry from the FML app. via the iphone. good thing you had a cardi!

  12. Aww well thankfully you had the cardi! I actually keep a whole extra outfit (and a ton of shoes) in my office... just in case!

  13. i dont think there one person that dont love chocolate!!!

    but you could do something else with the stain...you should "create" another stain so it looks like it is the pattern!!!hehe

  14. I love how you always find the bright side.

    Excellent choice of chocolate, too x

  15. so sad but cool idea no one saw you,
    i think today onwards you have to wear two sets of outfit,


    becareful next time enjoy

  16. hhah sounds like you have it together! Gosh that doesn't sound like the best scenario. I want to hear about the light gray pants because they sound kind of cute with or without the chocolate!


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