Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stylish Science

So I was quietly whining to myself about this tedious work I had to do using Millipore's scientific catalogues and brochures lately… Until today, when I remembered I’ve actually always loved those pretty, stylishly colorful Millipore product catalogues and always thought it was a pity that I never really needed to use them for any meaningful purpose other than just meaninglessly flip through their pretty pages. What a fool I was all this time while working with them! I should be thankful for this opportunity to finally be turning the pages of those beauties with an actual purpose!


  1. Great that you were able to appreciate the scientific catalogues... maybe you found it so monotonous since it's part of your work. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Interesting... there isnt much thats stylish in my workplace... except men in suits?

  3. that's i way to turn bad into good. i'm impressed. the colors are really pretty.
    be a follower, not a hater

  4. Gah! Sorry, I'm getting sick so I can't think of an interesting comment to write! Have a great weekend? Haha, hope those catalogues and brochures become more interesting for you! =)

  5. ..after this I wondering what kind of job you do Julia ! : ) are you kind of Nikita : )
    I love beautiful images , from A to Z , I am obsessed with collage making so any kind of images are real pleasure for me ..

    have a great friday : )))


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