Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bear With Me

I have to say one HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have stayed with me for so long now! Updating daily is certainly not the easiest task for my own self, but I can't even imagine how some of you manage to share your very insightful and valuable thoughts on each and every of my posts. THANK YOU, from the heart!

So, some of you expressed delight over me finally 'revealing' myself, which got me a bit surprised. I've made 'cameo appearances' on my own blog before, but realize now maybe it wasn't so obvious. But, who do you think is pictured in my profile picture? Me! True that for the first few months of this blog's existence there were no other signs of my identity rather than a few facts here and there via my writing. This, however, was for a reason. Let me tell you why. When I just created this project I wanted to reach out to people who were just as interested in the power of thankful mindset and positive thinking as I was, and I wanted to see if I could (and even prove to myself maybe) get other people engaged in the project without an attractive photo. Once I saw how many of you expressed sincere interest in the blog, I added my picture - because I got all the proof I needed.

For those of you who would like to catch up on the photos of ME they missed, here's my very first photo appearance on the blog, I guess I was still 'hiding' though and were coming out in the form of various body parts of mine, as this legs post, for instance. But you could see what my face looked like as early as this blog post! As for the more decent shots of me, there was the 'local' post and my 'silly' picture. And how could you forget the head to toe dog walks post? I am thankful for all of you still!..


  1. You always have an interesting word to say and it's evident with the amount of followers and comments you receive to your posts.
    I want to thank you for visiting my blogs (dull as they are) too. It's very much appreciated.
    And you know it, you're a doll :)

  2. ..It's definitely says a lot about you as a person , because you get your readers intrigued by you..and it's a GOOD thing ..well , you don't need a pretty picture to get followers , I think you are a very interesting and educated person ..I love your posts and I enjoying to read them because it makes me think a LOT ..THANKS YOU : )))

  3. I started following your blog because of the positive vibes I felt here... being thankful for things that are seldom appreciated gave me a clear perspective of the person behind the blog. I don't have to see your face to know that you are a beautiful person, inside and out. The first time I saw you was when you were walking the dog. I said to myself, this girl is deep. She has the looks, she's beautiful but she decided to make that secondary. I really admire you Julia. xoxo

  4. We are so deeply in need of a daily dose of thankfulness, and it transfers into our own lives so easily with your gentle assistance. Thank YOU for what you're doing. Hope you'll keep up the blog when your year is up.

  5. we need your blog to make our day...we are living at strange times and many days seems very dark so its useful to find things to be thankful of!!!thank you Julia...

  6. I found my way back here after a little blogging hiatus and some travel--I'm getting caught up on the blogs I truly enjoy reading...and you made the cut :)Thank you for creating a positive space for us to come to give thanks.

  7. I totally understood why you didn't post photos of yourself. It should be about the idea of the blog, and I get that.

    Still, it's nice to see your face -- especially since you are so lovely.


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