Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swear by Me

Now that I have the photos, I can get down to giving all due thanks to Wendy Brandes for my own set of her spectacular Swear Rings! (Check me out on Wendy's blog for the close up of the rings!) Wendy's awesome to work with and her designs are truly gorgeous: I loved my rings before I even ordered them, but I truly fell head over heels in love once I received the package - they're even better in person!

The rings were sent via UPS and were delivered at the speed of light, wowing both me and Wendy, so thanks go to the UPS people too. Also, thanks to my friend Masha for standing behind the camera, and to Mr. Rhett Butler for adding some cuteness to the shoot! And last, but not least, thanks go to mother nature for the good weather! It was a windy day with not much sun, but it still was warm and beautiful and a great day in general.


  1. ohhhh I was curious to see your pictures!:) You are so lovely!!! compliments:) Smiley and charming, just as I imagined... great pictures, I like the sunny light& cloudy sky contrast in the background.. superbe;)

  2. Ohhh I been loving those rings from Wendy for quite some time! I hope to be the proud owner of my very own set one day.. but still saving my pennies for my coveted Chanel 2.55. I'm still so many pennies away! Love these photos of you and Mr. Rhett Butler!! Adorable pup and name too! You should enter it in Chictopia's contest that they're holding right now. :)

    I hope you're having a fabulous day!! I Love reading your blog.. but I'm so happy to see some pictures too! HUGS.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. I really like the concept of your blog, keep it up! Wonderful x

  4. i am thankful of finally got to see you!!!hehe
    i don't think that Mr.Rhett Butler has much to do...!!!

  5. Thank YOU for the spectacular photos and being great to work with.

  6. I swear, that WendyB is fantastic!
    And you look lovely (and your little dog too!)

  7. ..awww Julia , you look so naturaly beautiful and sweet , I love your outfit , classy yet casual..and even the mister Rhett have a cute jumper ..he he he

    I just checked the rings and they are so COOL , honestly , they are such a statement jewellery , I mean you can wear them with anything + rings = perfect ..I totally love them rings , they are big , they are gold , what else can beat that !..
    I want the riiings as well : )))

  8. What beautiful photos, daaahling. And an adorable little pooch too! Love to see you smiling and enjoying life!

  9. I saw your pics at Wendy's blog and I absolutely adore those close-up shots. You are so beautiful beyond words. xoxo

  10. Yay! I love the pictures, you look so happy and Rhett is a stud! Sake thinks he's pretty hot =)

  11. Wendy's jewelry is amazing - those rings aren't quite my style (perhaps a little too "cool" for me) but definitely statement makers :) Mr. Rhett Butler is adorable and you look so pretty and happy!

  12. OMFG........... i'm sooooo jealous!
    i wanted those Wendy brandes swear rings too!! I was about to purchase them but I got something else instead. . .*ahem*
    Love it on you and I love the cute photographs. You're beautiful.


  13. I have to say:
    If this is you in the photos, you have really been holding out on us!

    I can't believe how gorgeous you are and yet how few photos you've posted of yourself. Anyway, the portraits with Rhett are amazing. That's not to mention the rings, which are certainly delightful and super creative.

    Oh yeah... I know this isn't a fashion site but your outfit is to die for :^)

  14. Such a cuttie doggie!

    Like the pics, btw


  15. Awesome pics, darling!
    Congrats on the WB rings!


  16. Ah, that ring is so dramatic!!! Love it!!

    Now you just entered my giveaway too!!! :)


  17. LOVE the rings. and GORGEOUS.



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