Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Eye

Went to shoot some guns with my brother today, and wow, I must say I've totally impressed myself. It was my first time shooting handguns (I've shot a rifle before), and not only did I show better results than my bro, I've shown some impressive results for a first timer!

Out of 20 shots total (2 sets of 10) I got four 10's, one on the line between 10 and 9, four 9's, three 8's, one 7... And the first shot was always a good 10 then as my hand was getting tired after a few strong gun kickbacks it was getting worse. So yeah, I am kind of proud of me and have to warn you not to mess with me, ha

And with all of that being said, I have to say thanks for my natural good eye. I got it from my father and it's so good that I'll notice a painting on the wall got bended to one side by as little as 1 millimeter - we've checked and measured.


  1. You have a very good eye... and may I add a strong pulse too. It's really difficult to aim a handgun if you don't have a strong pulse. I did some shooting before when I still had a 20/20 vision.

    Go shoot more, sooner or later I will hear you joining handgun competitions already. It's very rare that a girl can shoot well so you are gifted. xoxo

  2. ..that's really impressive and brave as well ..I would love to try one day but to be honest it scares me , but I can imagine it must be exciting as well to get the red middle again and again ..

    Ellinelle xxx

  3. That is Impressive girl :), you rock !!

  4. Loving the blog


  5. Lucky lady. I can't see a thing without my specs or lenses!

  6. awesome!!!! seriously. And I was JUST googling about an hour ago, shooting ranges around me because I've never shot a gun and I thought it would make for a fun day. Way to show up your Bro!


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