Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Thank You's Teach

Some of you surprised me with your 'requests' to help you figure out the whole time managment thing a few thankful posts back. Honesty, I've never been too good at that myself until just fairly recently, and I have to say this blog of mine played a huge role in shaping my own time management skills.

Along with teaching me how to manage inspiration, it somehow made me more organized with my time. I personally think it has a lot to do with my thankful posts being a daily thing - with having to make the time for updating the blog I have to still manage work, play, run errands and whatnot, but for a while now a lot of my life had to revolve around this project somehow. I had to start planning more things in advance and thus learning to be more efficient. Say, if I know I'm having a very busy day at work ahead of me and then right after work I'm going out and I'm not sure I'll be back home this same day (meaning earlier than 24:00) I just have to post before work, which I then do. So maybe that's the secret, or rather one of, but ti's enough for one thankful post. I truly am thankful to my own blog for making me really learn how to manage my time.


  1. Hmmmmm, I really need to start scheduling my time...I don't have enough between the blog, freelance writing and the most important job of all...being a mama!

  2. You know your priorities that's why you are good in time management. Some people have quite a disorganized life, trying to be a "jack of all trades" that they fail in time management. Have a good day Julia! xoxo

  3. ..I think the more busy we are , the more things are in our life to do - we are very organized , we just cant afford not to be .. I am definately more organized when I have a lot of things to do ..then I plan my whole day : ) I really don't like to be late and also waiting for someone ..YES for punctuality and good management : )

    Have a great day : )

  4. That's awesome. For me, ever since my work blocked it, it's hard to balance my time on it!!! Turns out posting/commenting can take hours if I try to sit down and do it all at once so I try to stagger it and sometimes get overwhelmed. You sound like you have a better system than me :)


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