Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inspiration Management

I swear this blog project of mine has helped me learn the art of inspiration management. Sounds unbelievable, I know, but how else to explain some of the posts that were written on the most uninspiring days ever? Never before could I just sit down and start writing because it was time to write something as opposed to obsessively repeating something over and over till I could get my hands on a piece of paper or my keyboard... Turns out, on most days even inspiration can be managed. Or maybe we're always inspired, but we just don't know that. Could this be?


  1. In my opinion, inside us there is always an inspiration only thing required is a catalyst. As soon as it begins, its like a volcano of positive inspirational thoughts coming out of our minds, and the thank you project has just acted for you a perfect trigger. In-fact not just for you but also for all of those who read your blog. I'm getting habitual to read and thank you for sharing an absolutely unique thankful thought everyday. Thanks Julia :)

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  3.'s probably right that we do have inspiration all the time but sometimes is hard to get it out , it's like labirint in our brains , we just need to get the right way ..
    your blog is amazing and you manage every single day new thought so BRILLIANT ..I can imagine that sometimes it can be hard but I can tell you that every single post are so interesting and I always have things to think after ..I guess it's the same , like after a reading a good book : )

    P.S can't believe but still eating Kinder Bueno every time when reading and writting comments : ))) can't stop : )

  4. I think inspiration is always there, we just have to look for it. If we give up easily, then it won't show it's face.

    I always have a notebook with me because sometimes inspiration appears in the most unlikely places.

    Have a great day Julia! You are truly a source of inspiration. xoxo

  5. Ah yes, I keep an inspiration folder of images of things I love, but almost never need to peruse it for inspiration because I'm constantly finding new things to fall in love with :)

  6. hi julia! sorry for being 'absent' the past month (or is it months?!). this entry of yours is sooo applicable to me. lots of things have been happening in my life that are really 'bloggable' but for some reason, i just couldn't get myself to write about it. it's not because i don't have time.. i don't know.

    that's why this entry hit me straight! ;) admire you for writing every single day. wish i had that willpower as well. although i have almost daily entries on my moleskine.. just not on my blog.

    but i tried starting the month right. wrote a blog entry (a long one at that) today. phew!

    ♥ joei


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