Thursday, May 6, 2010

Only as Far as Your Eyes Can See

I'm thankful for having an open mind. I realize so many people are not even close to being the owners of one, and some are so far from realizing its value, that I really feel blessed.


  1. an open mind is not something one can take for granted. it's actually a rare occurence nowadays.

    ♥ joei

  2. Very true, its rare and its special :).
    Thanks for sharing this unique thought.

  3. mind is one of the greatest quality of individual see things clear is the best way to be and definitely the winners quality ..
    I have experience with sooo much closed minded individuals around that it just makes me run ; ) honestly ..I can't stand such stupidity ...

  4. So definitely true... some people are stuck with the "cliche" mode of thinking that they fail to grow. Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  5. It is important to keep an open mind. sometimes it is easier said than done but I will try everyday.

  6. GREAT point. I like to be firm on my convictions but always be open to others' perspectives AND their feelings.

  7. I absolutely refuse to be open to this.


    Just kidding.

    You definitely do have an open mind, Julia.
    I'd be willing to testify :)

    Hope you're feeling a little better these days.

  8. Ooo, so true! The things certain people seem to waste energy on due to close-mindedness never cease to amaze me.


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