Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Mean Muggin'

When it comes to design, I'm not only crazy abour chairs, showers or even eggs, I've long had a thing for mugs too. My own little collection really started back when at 11 I was presented with a mug that had a face with a sticking tongue sculpted on it by my school bestie. I still have that mug and have been known to be buying loads since... I'm not as crazy now and clearly see that most of those I own are not remarkable at all, but I still love a good mug when I come across one, so this post is to say thanks for mugs and cups designs and for how cheerful drinking from them makes me feel!

P.S. The one pictured is by Villeroy&Boch (the Flow collection) and, unfortunately, I don't own it.


  1. Though I don't drink coffee, I love collecting mugs too. Funny but in the Philippines, you get all sorts of mugs as gifts. But I don't include those mugs with prints from different companies in my collection because if I do that, I need a room or two to house them all. Hahaha! Have a great day Julia! xoxo

  2. I love that mug.. hope it'll be yours one day Julia! :)


  3. I love buying new mugs once in a while too. Problem is I don't have much space to store them in so I stop buying till room is made after having a few broken or cracked.
    I like them large. I never ever drink from a tea cup sized one. It isn't enough :)

  4. Agree, i love a good mug to. My coffee and tea needs it to:)

  5. ..that's really funny because I notice in every hosehold every person have their own mug , I guess it's very personal : )))some people dont even like somebody else drink from their 'own' mug ..he he he .. I bet you notice that as well ..when my bf makes tea for me I sometimes saying 'not in that cup !!!' and it's always like so full ....well , I dont like he makes it anyway ..he just dont have a clue : )

    I am not fan of mugs , but I do like nice cups ..I remember since school - from classmates there will always be a mug on birthdays - a lot of mugs ..he he he

    Ellinelle xxx

  6. Yes, yes and yes!!! Mugs make me so happy- in the morning I love them for my coffee and at night, I love sitting curled up with my tea in a big mug. Literally, drinking out of them is not just thirst-quenching but gratifying and cozy. Great idea for a post.


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