Saturday, May 29, 2010

Under My Umbrella

I've just realized I'm thankful for umbrellas!! Actually, I think there's no such person who is not... Or are there some?


  1. Nope...don't think so! :) Everybody is thankful for that! But I would be more thankful, if I don't have to use one ;)

  2. nobody !
    like your blog I had fun here for a while :D

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  3. ..oh yes , umbrellas ; ).. here in uk is better to have one in the bag all year round ..and the thing is I like the big umbrellas but I keep in my bag small which you can fix bigger ( don't like them ) but the nice big ones always get lost somehow !
    ..but sometimes I love rain sooo much I just let it rain on me : ) only it's not nice if you have hairstyle and mascara running down ; )))

    Ellinelle xxx

  4. yes, I've been brewing an umbrella post for awhile now because I use them so frequently and love them!!! Where I live (in the Pacific NW of US), it rains a lot, a lot and so I always have one one hand- so amen Sistah!

  5. Oh yes... I love umbrellas. xoxo

  6. Oh...hmmm... at the moment Sydney is being pelted with cold rain so yes we all have to love umbrellas but... I don't like the reason for umbrellas :(... I'm not a rainy weather person.

    ...but yes, I am thankful such a thing exists. So thank you for reminding us to be thankful for those things that protect us from the things we don't like.

    Hope that makes sense!!!

  7. umbrellas are really useful and can spice up your outfit i'm thankful too!!


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