Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, I kind of remembered that I really like horses. Horses in general and riding them too, which I wish I did more of.. Can't even remember when was the last time I did!.. So today, I'm going to give my thanks to these beautiful creatures that have been serving humankind well for so so long now.

P.S. And because I don't really have a nice picture of a real horse, I thought I'd post a picture of a really nice door handle instead taken here in Moscow (one can guess where) - it's horse shaped, after all!..


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog is nice. I like the concept of finding something grateful everyday. It similar to what I do, I feel I live a somewhat simple life in the means that I am not extravagent and dependant on materialism to define me...I try to find things every day in my ordinary life (and in the lives of others) and find the extraordinary. It's a beautiful world, and it's our time to enjoy it and help others enjoy it as well. I will be back a little later to snoop some more through your posts.

  2. Lovely door handle... and I love horses too. I once dream of being an equestrienne. Have a great day Julia. xoxo

  3. i used to go horseback riding more. you are right, they are beautiful creatures.

  4. I've never rode a horse, I'd love to though! Maybe someday I will =]

  5. P.S. I know it took me a while, I been busy & all.... but I entered your thankful contest!!! My story is on the post =]

  6. That's a door handle??? That's so cool. I'm so with you on the horses thing! I have in all the battle scenes in our movies when the horse gets knocked down or hurt, sigh. They are really beautiful creatures and I think humans are indebted to them for many lives over.. I love how you haven't ridden or seen one in so long yet you are posting about them today to say "thankful for"- so cute. Also, you made me laugh when you're like "if you don't want me to bash britney, don't show trashy pics of her" along those lines, hahahah. It's okay, I know a lot of people are off the Britney train, I'm just still swooning but understand the dislike. So funny.

  7. The horses are elegant, beautiful, strong, I convey nobility!
    I rode horses as a child, I still adored and adoring but now with the little time left to me I can not.
    I've always said my favorite animal was a horse ... the picture is great.
    Thank you for your loving comments, always so kind, always present.

    I send a big kiss

  8. i love horses! they are just so majestic and pretty :)

  9. My dad is a cowboy in Texas and I grew up on a dairy farm...I remember the wonderful SMELL of horses, just walking up to them before you even reached them. I think they are God's most exquisite animal creatures!
    xoxo, Julia!

  10. ..Horses ..well , I really like horses - they are so gracious .. I love pictures of horses and b&w drawings of them , but if I need to go close - I am scared ..I don't even know why ! just it's like I love them but scared as well ..maybe it's because I seen some crazy ones ; ) once me and my friend actually had a run of them ; ) everything finished ok , but she still had a kick on her head from the horse ..
    now it seems funny to remember : ) but back then we was with cold feet ..

  11. i don't have a thing for animals but i have to admit that i admire horses...i like how proud they look...

  12. So nice to meet you- Love your blog and the whole concept- I believe too.
    I like the idea that horses deserve thanks-

    I am looking forward to catching up on your posts and following along with your new ones.

  13. Oh I love horses! i got my first when I was six years old and I'm still having horses :)

    Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

    best regards from Sweden


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