Monday, June 14, 2010

Online Bookings

I'm thankful for online movie tickets booking! Very handy.


  1. I hate waiting in line... online bookings are the best. xoxo

  2. Yes, if it weren't for them- I would probably never go!!!

    And I'm sure it is funny to hear Americans discuss "soccer", it's just so not as big over here :) You're a UK native right? Or am I off on that one...

  3. ..I never booked online cinema tickets , but I do agree that it is great.. plain ticket bookings is great as well but I am always so nervous about that : )I rush , then it's something wrong : ) then it's too long time etc ..he he he

    Ellinelle xxx

  4. agreed agreed agreed
    saves worry of being soldout and long lines.

  5. online bookings are so helpful!!no more waiting..!!!yeah!


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