Saturday, July 31, 2010


I might not be the biggest appreciator or a frequent visitor (last time I've been here was 2 years ago), but I am still thankful for my family's dacha - this traditional Russian house in the country side. Although it is very tradional here and so many families own even if just a tiny one, there are still those who don't have a dacha and wish they did. I'm thankful I have a choice and choose not to go because I don't want to as opposed to not having an opportunity... Know what I'm saying?..


  1. ..oooh , I love my family summer house or dacha : ) especially because it's near the sea's a great escape from the city life to enjoy the nature ..

    hugs ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  2. I wish we were able to go to our vacation home in the mountains more. It's soooooo relaxing. But I'm very grateful for the time I do get to spend there!

  3. It sounds lovely! Can you post a photo of it? Glad the pooch is okay after his bee meal.

  4. That's so cool and I learned a new word :) That is funny because we did have similar weekends. :) I love it!!!! Why do you not like to go that much??? And you are right, having the option to go and choose not to is always better. I too want to see a picture of it!


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