Sunday, August 1, 2010

Countryside Thankfullness

While I'm still here at our family's dacha, I've came up with enough things to be thankful for, but I'll outline just a few:
  • I'm thankful for the kind of modern technology that lets you have internet connection anywhere your cell phone would have a signal. Otherwise, how would I update my blog?
  • And the second good thing to be thankful for is for the fact that Mr. Rhett Butler is still alive and healthy - he ate a bee yesterday and this freaked us all out. Thankfully, the bee didn't bite him on the tongue or throat, because then we'd have a HUGE problem.


  1. I am astonished, Mr. Rhett Butler ate a bee, could be very very very grateful because the consequences are often terrible, good news is he is okay.
    I am grateful that you always think of us, you are very kind, a huge kiss.

  2. Oh wow I'm glad he's ok! And yes big thank you to technology... I'm lost (literally) without my blackberry!

  3. I am so thankful for internet too.. it is so nice to be away but still be able to sit and blog, etc. Love it. Awww, I'm glad your puppy is okay!!! I hate bees!!! Hate, hate, hate them~!


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