Thursday, August 12, 2010

GUM's Art Installations

I'm thankful for GUM Department Store's art installations. The idea is relatively new and it's such a good one - definately provides extra entertainment and artful education to one's shopping or cultural routine both for locals and Moscow's guests!

The photo above is taken during one such art installation dedicated to Moschino fashion brand and the history of its boutiques' best display windows worldwide. And if you know me, you know I just couldn't ignore the chairs!


  1. yeah.. those chairs were amazing..
    how many did you buy?
    love you style by the way

  2. I'm so happy I made it to your blog today; your picture is so cute! And yes, your love for modern furniture—chairs especially—is now legendary. You're lucky you have an installation like that nearby. Very cool.

  3. look so cute and fresh and radiant in that picture ..

    ..those little chairs looks so CUTE , I bet you wish for a moment to be tiny and sit in there : ) I would , they look so fluffy and soft ..

    ..I love when there is not just shopping but some artistic theme as well , that is good way to introduse non atristic people to art ..In Riga there was exhibitions as well in the shopping mall ..

    ..thanks for lovely words about my designs , it honestly MEAN a LOT : ))) I don't have online store yet as there is only 2 people in my team and it's a slow process , also it's been hard to start things , but slowly I hope to do my bussines better and bigger ..there is more designs coming soon so stay tuned ; )

    Ellinelle xxx

  4. What a cool idea! Our department stores in Ohio need to catch up! Just another reason to go shopping :)

  5. How amazing!! I love this, it is so whimsical and at the same time, intelligent ;)


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