Friday, August 20, 2010

Laundry Service

So, as finding the good in the bad is one of my specialties, here I'm bringing to you yet another of my silver linings. I was just wondering yesterday what I'd be missing about living at home once I move out... I have no problem with supporting myself, with cooking, cleaning, being on my own, buying groceries etc.- the kind of things a lot of my friends like to rely on their moms to do. One thing I'm not so used to doing is laundry. Whenever I want to wear something and it needs to be washed I'd just go and wash it with my hands - no probem with it either. But for some reason I never really had to even plan any grand laundry days, this is something mom has always done on her own. Thus, while I still can, I am thankful for not doing the laundry.

If you want to find some good in something bad of your own, come ask me and let's figure it out together!


  1. I had to mention you on my twitter. I love what you do. :)

    xx rk

  2. Oh laundry- it is nothing when you do it for one- even two- easy.

    The moment you have ONE TINY baby it becomes an issue.

  3. I can't stand the laundry! I wish I had someone to do it for me :) Same goes for washing dishes.

  4. I like how you're taking requests for discovering people's silver linings! haha that made me smile.

    I know how you feel about laundry. When my mom does the laundry (on our once-a-year visits), I relish in it!

  5. ..sometimes I wash some delicate clothes with hands as well , I actually like the process to take all the clothes etc and stuff them in washing machine , house always feels better after that ..BUT after good things comes not so pleasant - I don't like ironing but I still do it : )

  6. Just when I start thinking of how much I hate the laundry, I realize I'm thankful to have a washer and dryer. The convenience of it isn't something I should take for granted. ...Further, I guess I should be thankful I have clothes to wash!!!


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