Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taking It Easy

I'm thankful I know how to relax, and I'm thankful I know whan it's time to take it easy on myself. It should be pretty obvious to all people, but I've seen many who either don't understand the importance of it or feel it's an unapologetic luxury to take the time to wind down.


  1. I guess that's the up side of being sick. I have no choice but to take it easy. HA! I hope you're having a weekend full of R&R!

  2. Oh how true! It's so important to allow ourselves to have some quiet time, and to respect others when they're in need of it.

  3. ..I wish to be more relaxed , well , I am but sometimes it's seems so hard ..but then why to stress out , just take a deep breath , don't think about anything and relax ..seems easy : )

    ..hope you had a great week- end ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  4. Your positive attitude continues to inspire me :)
    Go ahead, kick your feet up.

  5. I agree! My Dad cannot relax! I swear, the man cannot sit still and his hands are always busy with jobs and tasks... I'm always laughing like Dad, sit down! :) I am happy I can relax too.


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