Sunday, August 22, 2010

Winter Drawings

It's not even winter here (thankfully! I'm not quite mentally ready yet), but somewhere it is (any visitors from the Southern hemisphere today?), so I'm saying thankful for another nature's wonder - window frostworks!.. 


  1. I think I would say that I'm thankful for the seasons. Yes, summer is heading out the door (and I'm sad) but fall can be a gorgeous time of year. Bring it on! :-)

  2. it is so hot here today. I am ready for fall.

  3. Oh how I wish we had "winter" in Hawaii... hmmm maybe I don't. I just wish it was in the 60's for more months out of the year. It's funny when it hits the low 70's, we locals consider that brrrrrrr brrrrrrrr cold! ha ha.

    Happy Sunday sweet Julia! Hope your day is decadent. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. ..I know , it's depressing to think about winter ..but you are right about winters beauty ..and not the wet streets with dirty snow but those frostworks , those ice flowers on the glass , those little snowflakes - they amaze me ..ooooh's beautiful ..but let's better keep summer : )

  5. I guess there are at least 2 ways to look at anything!

    I imagine the Winter is beautiful where you live, but much more cold than the average country. What's something you love about the cold months — a seasonal food, perhaps?

    By the way, I thought your memory of a guy with a laptop being super "cool" was really funny. I remember something similar the first time I saw someone with a cell phone in a movie. These are the things that advertisers think about when they place products in movies.

  6. We still have two or three months until winter in here... :D

    thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  7. oh, yeah, it is always interesting to think about "the other side" of life. Any kind, poor vs. wealthy, Warm vs. cold, developed vs. underdeveloped, highly educated vs. not educated, ..... well, I think i am a little strayed from the subject. haha.. Again, it is great to be remind of little things in life and be grateful about everything.

    Oh, btw, I think my wardrobe is not yet ready for this A/W 2010 neither. ^^


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