Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chair Enthusiast

I'm thankful for my chair design enthusiasm. It gets ridiculous at times, but it brings too much joy!

P.S. The photo above is taken in Milan. Milan must be one of the coolest cities when it comes to display windows of all sorts!


  1. We spend so much of our lives in them, it's an awesome design enthusiasm :)

  2. and your chairs : ) that is so sweet , we all have some sort of thing ..
    ..can't wait to go to Milan , I have heard so much about that city ..

  3. I love a great looking chair.

    Bonus is if they are comfortable to sit in too!

  4. I made a chair on the last year of my design degree :P

    Oh, and i saw a project once of 30 chairs made of peaces of other chairs! Art pieces *-*! If only i could find the link...

  5. p.s ..I saved this a while ago on my Favorites and guess what - it's still there ..
    ..I love it : )
    ..also I checked that navy colour shirt/dress and it's gorgeous as well ..thanks : )

  6. Ahh Julia! I totally get it! I have a weakness for umbrella and mirror design...:)

  7. The chairs I great, but I have to say - I love the concept of you blog. First time here :)

  8. hahhaa... really nice! Love the windows of the stores when they are original!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  9. Milan is just cool!!that's all!

    how did this thing about chairs began?

  10. That's a really incredible way to display chairs!

    Also, this blog is a great idea.

  11. It's funny...whenever I see a funky chair, I think of you. My favorite chairs are the twisted branch chairs they make up in the mountains of North Carolina. They don't look very comfortable, but they have character that comes straight from the earth.

  12. Your chair obsession is cute. I don't know anyone else as into them as you say you are! How funny :) They are pretty little art forms I will say.


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