Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel & Thank: Day 4. Flowers for Myself

Random thankful thoughts of the day: 

1) If being alone at the house yesterday felt slightly weird, then today morning it felt perfectly normal already. I woke up and it felt just fine, and I was thankful for the peaceful state of things all around me;

2) I’ve been here for three full days, but this morning was the first day when I sunbathed by the property’s pool, and since it was the first time it felt positively new and interesting – something to be thankful for, because if I keep relocating beach-wise I won’t have the time to get tired of the property’s scenery;

3) Such serenity here, I’m feeling completely relaxed for the first time in a long while. I don’t even miss the internet! Went to an internet café nearby to get online quickly and regretted it – I think this was more of a habit rather than a desire to check on things. It suddenly felt like work and I had to remind myself I was on vacation. I left the place earlier than my pre-paid time was up, thankful that a quick trip online made me realize how truly relaxed, stress-free and easy I felt these past days;

4) Saw they were selling roses at a nearby supermarket and bought myself a bouquet. Such joy! A simple gesture of appreciation given to myself. Highly recommended!

5) It seems it’s always easier to get lost when you’re exploring a new town on your own. When you have a partner, one of you just always seems to remember more of the focal points on your explorative route. When you don’t have a partner, it makes it more adventurous and makes you more focused. It also makes you more comfortable being alone overtime.

6) It’s usually not that easy to creep me out, so I’m actually thankful I got to feel and enjoy the feeling when visiting some of the ruins here today all by myself. I bet it wouldn’t feel the same if I went with someone else!
7) Local Thai restaurant’s food is AWESOME. So delicious I could barely stop eating. Dessert didn’t fit in, so I’m thinking I’ll have to come back and repeat. And only now do I realize that I didn’t even once think of the fact that I was dining out on my own. Did I mention that with time you learn to really appreciate your own company?

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  1. Buying flowers for oneself is a good idea, Julia! Definitely a picker upper! And something to be thankful for :)

    Wee hours of the morning here already but I'm wide awake because of that large Serenitea drink I downed before watching a movie!!

    definitely, maybe

  2. ..hey hey sweet darlin and welcome back ..I must say I am enjoying and I am so glad you are writing again : ))) I really need my daily dose of 'thank you ' : )

    ..and yes , I am also curious where actually you been !!!
    ..I love fresh flowers as well , simple thing but gives you so much joy ..there's been times I couldn't go anywhere alone but now I do that daily and yes it's so much different ..

    ..hope you had a wonderful holiday , you must be full of inspiration : )
    hugs xxx

  3. Nice bouquet and good idea!
    And always a pleasure to read you.

  4. How wonderful you treated yourself to a bouquet in a new town - I love the delicious feeling of spending moments alone, especially in a new place! I'm also enjoying that you're writing again :)

  5. I love the fresh flowers and theres something about treating yourself that just feels nice :) Also the this travel and thank series is wonderful!

  6. Sounds like heaven! Buying oneself flowers is a great way to show appreciation for YOU! Glad you did it. Nothing like fresh flowers.

  7. The peace and tranquility you felt were priceless... and those roses are really beautiful. Glad you had a great day Julia! And I miss you girl. xoxo

  8. I love buying myself flowers. Fresh blooms really perk a gal up!

  9. I adore buying myself flowers, I might pop out for some later!

  10. mmmm, love Thai food!! I think it's my favorite food that ever was and ever will be. :) And I love that you bought flowers for yourself! I shall have to take myself up on that one sometime. :D I treat myself to Starbucks lattes.. but sometimes that isn't quite as nice as flowers. :)

  11. I totally need to buy flowers for myself sometime, great idea. How awesome is that for you to experience all these things. Glad you're learning to enjoy your own company.
    I feel the same way as you about the internet sometimes, that it's "work". Glad you're taking some time off. I do that once and a while and it's so refreshing.

  12. Mmmm, Thai food! I might have to go get some now! =)

  13. I have found in the last few years that I enjoy my own company very much! I go to movies alone adn even vacation alone. I love my family and my friends, but being happy with just yourself is a great feeling. It's amazing how many people won't do anything all by themselves. Good for you going on vacation this way!


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