Friday, November 5, 2010

Travel & Thank: Day 5. I Wouldn't Dare Say It Wasn't a Perfect Beach Day

This was the day that I decided to devote solely to the beach. This also happened to be the day when the weather was less than beach-perfect - it was chilly, it was cloudy, it was really windy and the skies were dropping occasional water tears here and there.

No beach time that day meant messing up all of my "beach all day long" plans - a thought I couldn't bear thinking. I had plans to occupy one of those pricey sunbeds at the beach deck by the hotel we visited with mom and aunt a few days back, and I had my perfect beach outfit ready - I looked so good I was jealous of myself.

I contemplated for only a bit - I realized that if anything could stop me from spending the day at the beach it was only me. The weather didn't matter as much as my devotion, so off to the beach I went. Think I regretted it? As if! I came around and found all the reasons to be thankful for.

First of all, chilly meant I would have no problem being outside under the sun (or should I say clouds?) all day. I could sunbathe all I wanted and not get a heat shock. Secondly, windy meant more people thought it wouldn't be a good idea to spend the day by the sea. The beach was almost empty, and I was the only one at my fancy beach deck. Due to its price it's almost empty daily, but even those usual one or two couples were nonexistent that day which meant I had the whole deck to myself - perfection! And last, but not least, everyone seemed to be extra attentive and extra eager to be helpful, which I believe was both because the staff had less people to cater to and because the less than perfect weather didn't mean less than perfect beach experience. In the end, I wouldn't dare say it wasn't a perfect beach day.

Bottom line, life is what you make it and experiences can be created. You decide!

Disclaimer: Travel & Thank is a mini-project within and is part of The Thank You' Project blog 2009-2010. Travel & Thank updates are featured twice a week, are pre-written and not made in real time - each post was created during the author's actual vacation in the mid-fall of 2010. For privacy reasons the names of the persons, places and geographical locations may have been shortened, abbreviated or changed and are not subject to disclosure.


  1. I absolutley love how you find the postive in everything x

  2. ..I love when the beach is almost empty , it's amazing connection between you and nature - it's amazing feeling .. are so true , even the rainy day we can make enjoyable , everything depends only from yourself ..

  3. I love the last line - sums it all up! It's been great to hear more of your travels and keep seeing your presence here, despite the end of the thank you year! Have a great weekend, Julia :)

  4. Totally agree- the experience is what you make of it. Me, I would probably pretend I was Karana, the Island girl found off the coast of California after 20 years of solitude, the last of her disappeared tribe. :)

  5. You are an inspiration !!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  6. I agree... it's all about how you adopt to the situation. During my beach holiday, it rained for two days straight but that didn't dampen my spirits too. It's so peaceful to just watch the waves and the raindrops mingling with each other.

    Have a great day Julia!

  7. You're way too thankful! Only joking--you provide a great model of what to do. But I do admit,there's nothing more disappointing than getting ready for a beach day to discover it's not ideal. Glad you made lemonade from lemons.

  8. wow this post!I love your name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me!I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^

  9. So true, darling!
    Love this pic and post!



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