Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Travel & Thank: Day 8. Getting Upset is Not an Option

Today was the day when I fully and truly realized the impact this year of thankfulness had on me.

I thought I was comfortable being alone before… Compared to now, this must’ve been another kind of comfortableness, because now I’m superiorly at ease with myself. I don’t even notice the difference in my perception of myself and the way I carry myself when I am alone or with somebody else, if you know what I mean.

So, back at home I booked a one night stay at a lovely boutique hotel located at the town’s most beautiful bay – the main idea being to occupy a perfect sunset watching spot (remember how I confessed I’d never done that?). I was obviously to go alone, and this was fine until I arrived and it felt as if I’ve been here million times before. While chilling by the hotel’s pool somehow I could just sense that everyone around me was being a whole lot more self-conscious, watching their step, thinking what others think of them etc. And me? I was just truly enjoying myself.

Another new thing is, I don’t even get upset. I only just realized I even forgot getting upset was an option when upon arrival I was told I wouldn’t be getting the view I wanted, which was uber important since the whole reason of me being here was to watch this sun set… (I got a room upgrade as a compensation though, but frankly, do I really need two bathrooms when I’m here alone and for one night only?). I totally forgot getting upset was an option when it turned out I was given wrong information and thus was late to watch the sunset from their restaurant’s balcony - the new sunset watching location they suggested. Instead, I enjoyed what was left of it – the sky was still full of beautiful colors. While at it, I also found out I was too early for dinner, but as I happened to chat up the right hotel person about this whole sunset thing, I was treated to a truly private dining experience. I was seated at the restaurant’s sofa (where they don’t even serve food) so that I could watch the leftover sunset, and I was served before the opening time as I mentioned I was hungry already. There just was something truly exceptional about eating in an empty restaurant, something very home-like - a feeling of being very welcomed. And that was when I realized all of what I’ve just confessed.

Maybe the day and night didn’t quite go according to plan, but I am thankful for the alterations that happened. I just wouldn’t be able to plan and execute something like a room upgrade and a very special dining experience, and maybe I wouldn’t have had a chance to become so aware of how easy it’s finally for me to just be me.

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  1. I am first ..:)

    good to know that Thank you changed you positively.
    and I liked the pic :)..

  2. A beautiful photo for this beautiful post! Just amazing what the thankfulness experiment did for you! (I went to a concert alone last week, and also remembered how comfy I felt just enjoying the music and dancing alone - a real joy :)).

  3. Love the photo.. Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well...


  4. What a bold statement! So moving! Forgetting how to be upset is an amazing testament to your thankful work. Identifying with being a victim is something anyone and everyone can unlearn. How lovely to hear!

  5. To be comfortable with oneself is without doubt the beginning of happiness.
    Interesting to notice that your one year thankful experience lead you to a higher gratefulness of yourself (through the sharing of it).
    I like!

  6. ..beautiful picture ..I think I mentioned before that I never went anywhere alone , it always scared me but now I am so happy that I found that comfort to be happy even alone - being somewhere ..and it's not even bad , because whatever you like it or not but with other people we do change !but alone we are who we are , probably 100 % pure ..
    ..great post Darling , I really enjoyed that AND that was what I needed for tonight ..
    thanks : )

  7. Such a comforting feeling - to be able to be alone and enjoy yourself - I can just picture you enjoying that beautiful sunset! What an experience to remember!

  8. I really loved this post and hearing about how much this experience has made changes in your life for the better! It's really easy to get down sometimes when your plans are altered or things are not easy. I think I'm going to start keeping my own private journal of things I am thankful for each day as a daily reminder to look at the positive things in life.

    I am behind on your blog and I don't have a lot of time right now but I do plan on catching up soon!

  9. how lovely, yes being upset is an okay option absolutely!!! You are smart to stand up for what you originally ordered, I'm glad you found a way around it and see the beauty in the mess!

  10. I feel so comfortable reading your post, it sounds so familiar :) maybe because I already see myself at ease... great post :)


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