Friday, November 19, 2010

Travel & Thank: Day 9. Of Home, Sunrise and Chocolate

Yesterday night before going to bed I started getting kind of homesick… But not homesick for my actual place of residence back in the home country - I yearned for my aunt’s house here. Quite funny, if you ask me - I’ve never felt this way about a place I lived at before, and this house is not my home and not even my house. Not being too sure what to make of it, I found a reason to be thankful for it – if that’s what missing home feels like, I’m definitely glad I’ve finally felt the feeling. It feels really good.

As for my plan to watch the sunset that didn’t quite work out, I decided to make up for it and watch the sunrise instead. I’ve never really watched it before either, so I’m thankful I was actually able to wake up at 6 am. The best part about it was seeing half of the sky still being a starry night sky with a halfmoon and the other half looking like an early morning skies, stars versus clouds – amazing!.. If only my camera could capture this magical site!

The social highlight of the day happened on my way back to “home, sweet home” when me and my charming taxi driver discovered an interest in common – dark chocolate (and Lindt Chili chocolate in particular). Discussing all the varieties was a whole lot of fun - I guess I’ve never really so randomly met another chocolate lover who’d be equally as interested in talking to a stranger about cocoa percentage in favorite kinds, ways to eat it and TV shows covering the subject... He adds chocolate to his chilie sauce and to him it tastes okay.

So, all in all, it was another good day in country C.!

P.S. The day is not over yet though. I’m sitting on the third floor of the aunt’s house and I’m finally ready to watch the sun set.

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  1. That sunrise was worth getting up early for!

    ummmmm..... chocolate.

  2. The old axiom, home is where the heart is, can effectively be reversed. I think one's heart is always, at least partially where one was born. I live in my home country and city, so I long for far away places and people.
    BTW... Lindt chili chocolate sounds great!

  3. As the above poster pointed out, I love that this reflects home being where the heart is! This is a lovely photo - how magic that you witnessed the sky still half dark-half light. I love sunrises and sunsets...the best things in life are free :)

  4. Nothing like watching the sun rising and sharing that very first experience of the day with the larger world around you. When I was in Australia for a few weeks with a host family, the father took me to a couple of gorgeous sunrises on top of a large hill in the area. He would say "She's comin' alive." Loved it.

  5. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate !!!
    Just read this word and focus on your mind the second after.... so?!
    I'm sure everybody have a little smile on its face.
    Or perhaps only the epicureans :)

  6. thank you...

    enjoy the sunset whenever you can...

  7. beautiful!!! You are wise to think to stay up and watch the sunrise, I wouldn't even consider that or I would wake up really early in hopes of seeing it :) You seem to make great time for special moments on all of your trips and the simple things you write about ie sunrises, chocolate, etc. always have so much value in the way you present them!


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