Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How To Write Thank You Notes: More Tips from Author Cat Wagman

My post on How to Write Thank You Notes with tips from author Cat Wagman from a while back was well received by you and it’s still popular – quite a few people stop by it while searching for just that, tips for writing a perfect thank you note. With this being said, I thought I neded to follow up on my conversation with Cat and share more of her thankful wisdom, especially since some of them are so very in line with my previous post on the cards and little thankful somethings. Here below are more useful tips from the lady herself (and remember that you can always get your own copy of her book for even more of those right here):
  1. Pick out stationery you like that reflects the occasion, a personal interest, hobby, etc., or design your own on your computer;
  2. Purchase commemorative stamps or design your own stamps through an online company;
  3. You can only write one thank-you note at a time, so don't get overwhelmed if you have many to write;
  4. Newlyweds SHARE the responsibility... She writes the ones to her family, he writes to his, and they split the rest. (Cat said she and her husband got whole 150 notes written in just THREE days using this method BEFORE going on their honeymoon, so I'm guessing it works!)
  5. Have FUN writing your notes: is a great resource for finding just the right word.


  1. Awesome! These tips are helpful- sometimes it's tough to write thank you notes, especially when you have a bunch to do.

  2. I'm all about using a thesaurus... It livens up my writing :)

  3. What great tips hun...I have tons of just/soon-to-be married couples that I must pass this post along to...will help them out a bunch, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. These are wonderful tips! I kind of wish I had an excuse to write thank you notes now. Lol.

  5. Sadly, I am more excited about writing thank you cards when I like the cards and stationary that I'm using... that's so pathetic I know but it's a good trick!! At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you thank them and get it out the door and into the mail... so any tips that expedite that process are great in my book.

  6. I love the theory of "sharing thank you notes" but I've been married for over ten years and have never seen my husband write a thank you note.

  7. ..ooh , I love writting personal things myself , even thought here you can byu cards etc where everything inside already is written , I always get the blank ones or making my own..
    Easter is coming so onion coloured paper is on the way :)))


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