Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank You Cards & More

I have featured a number of totally awesome thank you cards, stamps, drawings, prints and whatnot in my posts on this blog and although I am sure you've noticed and liked at least a few, I think it's time I make a separate post - it seems convinient to have a place with some unusual thankful somethings should any of us need a thankful gift idea.

I'll start with something I'm totally in love with - the Live Gratitude Chickadee print by LaurieCoyleDesigns on Etsy. This is perfect to be framed and put up somewhere where you would see it every day, to be reminded what to live by!

On the fancy side, I really like all of Smythson's sophisticated 'Thank You' cards, but my favorites are those watermarked off-white paper notelets with 'thank you' motif written in multiple languages (take a closer look at those here at - thankfulness is international and has no borders!

One of the unusual thankful creations I came across are the Thank You Envelope Seals made from vintage atlas paper by KisforCalligraphy on Etsy, I just like the idea of sealing an envelope with its own little thank you note! There are also simpler and bigger scalloped 'Thank You' envelope seals available if you don't want the mapped ones, and then there also ones made to look like they're wooden (see the picture above for it or visit KisforCalligraphy for more of those).

Also unusual and very pretty are those little Thank You Soap samples by PrettyGirlSupplies on Etsy. A little thankful soap is a very neat idea!

And last but not least, how about some thank you tags? It's like they're a fashionable twist on a traditional thank you card, just hang one and you're good to go! Check them out at rubyvictoria's Etsy shop here.

Now it's your turn! Any pretty thank you cards you know of and want to share?


  1. I love thank you cards! All of the ones you shared are adorable! Happy Monday :)

  2. I like the Gift Country Soap sample. Both charming and useful :)

  3. ..OMG Julia , what a gorgeous little 'thank you' cuties ..I love things like that and I am making a lot of things myself , like paper colouring and calligraphy etc .. world now is full of plastic ( I call plastic anything unnatural ,cheap looking , you know cheap plastic looking things ) but those little thank you themed cuties are adorable , so warm and welcome you just fall for them instantly..
    I personally like , she makes gorgeous little cuties so check it out :)
    ..have a great day :)))

  4. What amazing finds! Thank you for sharing xo

  5. So few people send 'Thank you' cards these days. These are so pretty.
    About my skirt; it's made of a silky but sturdy fabric. So that would explain the shine and why it looks different from certain angles.

  6. oh too stinkin' cute! I am in love with the soap and the tags. I love how streamlined the soap is, I sense that I can feel exactly what it feels like right now! And how adorable the tags are. Both are great ways to be reminded to be thankful! I love that you considered Mondays a new beginning! That's why you're so great for your blog topic, I was seriously dragging today :)

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  8. Hey Julia! You're a special mention in my recent post :)

  9. Thank you soap is a really cool idea!

  10. I totally love collecting thank you cards to have on hand! Blushing Pearl has some darling ones!

  11. p.s
    ..ooh Julia , not really happy about 30 BUT well that is life for you :))) a bit scary but I guess I will use to it ..
    oh yes , that was a cake , those style icing cakes are very popular here ..

  12. ooo i thought of those chairs totally separately and not in the same room but you're right, they would look great together. With a yellow couch perhaps?

  13. I always like to have my monkeys make their own cards with their own 'art' seems to make it extra special.

  14. Great "thank you" finds! Thanks for sharing. I love sending out thank you notes - it's a rarity these days!

  15. I really like the Thank You envelope seals! And the Thank You soaps are a good idea. Me, I'd prefer to have personalized notecards made with my initials on it for my thank you notes :)

    Definitely, Maybe


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