Friday, July 15, 2011

FM99.3 Radio Interview Rerun

As you may remember, back in January I had the honor of being interviewed for Australian radio station North Shore's FM99.3. This weekend Breakfast in Bed show turns 2 and to celebrate they're talking about all things thankful and featuring my interview along with lots of new fun gratitude themed songs and segments! Here below is the full schedule:

Tune in to FM99.3 this Sunday at 7:30 am Sydney time if you're located in Australia, or use a world time zone converter to figure out what time it's going to be in your city and country when it's 7:30 am in Sydney if you're located elsewhere. You can listen to the show ONLINE, following this link

P.S. To ensure the online web-streaming works for you, it is advised to try it out or download the needed software beforehand.


  1. ..that is fabulous Julia , congrats again , I remember listening your interview - that was so super sweet and your english was so perfect , I loved it ..I think a lot of people will get inspired again and again ..

    Have a great week-end :)

  2. Hey! I remember your radio interview. That was really cool :) And now youre coming back. Cool to the 100th degree! LOL Hope you can post your interview again so I can listen to it (might not be able to listen to it live due to time difference.. Sad)

    Break a leg! :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  3. Ah, such a worthy blog! I spend so much time moaning and I have had a rough two years - that's what started me blogging but this principle is so right. Thank you for reminding me.

  4. So glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. Will try and find the link to this

  5. aw, I was out of cell range this weekend and am just seeing this. I of course recall your interview! I was so excited to hear your voice. Something I have never realized I thought was so cool until I start blogging. I just love reading so many different girls' blogs and then when you get to hear them live, that's the cherry on top!! I loved your interview and your insight into kindness- I poured myself a glass of wine and listened to it happily :)

  6. Wow, that's great! They should make you a regular there, give you your own "Thankful" segment ;)


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