Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thankful Survey: Final Results

I am ready to share the rest of the Thankful Survey's results! This time we're taking a look at what exactly the survey respondents felt most thankful for at the time of sharing their thankful thoughts. Things haven’t changed dramatically since the last time I reported on it, but there are still some minor dissimilarities. 

We're seeing a slight increase in the percentage of people expressing gratitude for their health and well-being, life and nature, spirituality and religion and for various objects and life facts, with everything else showing a minor decline.

The percentage of people who couldn't categorize their gratefulness according  to the survey's requirements is also smaller than before, and many of those who couldn't choose a category stated in the comments that it was due to their gratitude overlapsing several of the suggested options.

Where does your thankfulness rank?


  1. I love that it's broken down like this. I guess I fall in the majority although I do give thanks for my health and need to remember to do it more. Hoping you had a wonderful fourth!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Julia,
    Thanks so much for your supportive comments on my blog pretty-dirt. I really appreciate you and what you do on here. I'm not going to be blogging anymore, so I just wanted to acknowledge your kindness and attention over the past year.
    Many blessings to you and your Thank You Project!
    Love, Jade

  3. On any given day I can definitely find reasons to be thankful for things in the first four categories, as well as food and drink. I'm always thankful that there is food on the table and that I have easy access to clean water to drink.

    Thank you for your comment today! While I was at work, I was planning to update my blog today and came home to an e-mail with your comment! You always have perfect timing! :)

  4. Jade, thanks so much and it's sad to hear you're no longer blogging! I hope I'll still be seeing you from time to time somewhere in the blogosphere!

    Thanks everyone :) Since you do have blogs, I'll get back to each of you individually, as usual ;-)

  5. The first four are tops with me!

  6. Oh this is very interesting, however I thought the health and well being would have been a bigger piece of the pie. Good job.

  7. I'm within the majority- family, pets, health and nature does it for me.

  8. I definitely fall into the two top categories.

    And the thank you note above this post is hilarious!

  9. For me, I would say health and well being although, I wish I could say more for spirituality and religion.

  10. Hey Julia, how come I can't comment on your most recent post? :)

  11. hhmmm, very interesting- I'm not sure what side of the Equator most of your responders reside in but perhaps with Summer months and being out in the fresh air has had people more excited about Health??? With the loss of my Grandma this week, I'd fall in People and Pets. :)


I appreciate you taking the time to connect and share your thoughts, so thank you for your comment! And while you're at it... Why not tell me what you're thankful for today? ;-)