Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank You in Sign Language

Who wants to learn saying thank you in American Sign Language? It's fairly easy. I was only surprised to learn there are more than one sign language and each country has their own... Somehow I thought the language was international and believed it was easy for deaf people to interact with one another when traveling, but no. And this is kind of upsetting, if you ask me.

Video Tutorial by MySmartHands


  1. Good one !! This is new to me and equally useful.

  2. Good challenge Julia. Our kids have learned the sign language basics at their preschool. I hope it is something that they continue to build.

  3. ..I was thinking the same thing for years Julia , and I am still wondering - why there can't be one sign language in the world !
    I would love to learn sign language ..

    p.s ooh those bisquits are not hard to make but the mix is quite messy to get it right , Julia - inbox me your adress and I will be very happy to send you a peppery surprise :) !

  4. That's pretty crazy that there are different languages in sign language. That's absolutely new to me. I too thought that it was universal. I definitely learned something new.

  5. Um, yeah, I think it is ridiculous that each country/region has their own sign language. It should TOTALLY be universal!

    That being said, I'm thankful you posted this video. I'm happy to know how to say "thank you" in American sign language. I have a friend with a deaf son (he's two) so now I'm going to have a new word to use with him!

  6. 1. That was the cutest video I have EVER seen. I love sign language and have always been really captivated by it.

    2. I had no idea that there were different dialects of sign language in different regions. However, it does make sense. They do call it AMERICAN Sign Language and not British Sign Language or African Sign Language. And yet on the other hand, it might really be hard to communicate when traveling.

    Great, thought-provoking post!

  7. I never knew there were different signs for different countries. Although Ive interacted with deaf people here in our country and they use the same sign for thank you. I guess, American sign language is what we also use here :)

    Anyway, can you please LIKE my Facebook page? :). i just started it for my blog. Thanks Julia! Have a great week ahead of you!

  8. I didn't know that either! I thought the sign language had a universal standard. This is definitely another day of learning!

  9. Oh that's so sweet! I love the baby- when I was younger I worked in a daycare with toddlers and before they were vocal, we taught them to sign for things like "more" and "thank you". It worked so well.

  10. didn't know that. i would think it'd be universal as well.

  11. I always thought that sign language was an international language too!

    And I do agree it is upsetting that it isn't, it just isolates the hearing impaired even more. :(

    The Cat Hag

  12. I taught myself quite a bit of American Sign Language as a child. I have always been fascinated by it! :)

  13. Awww cute video! Sign langueage can be so helpful with little ones!

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