Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a Year of Gratitude Did to Me: Pt. 4

Continuing with the bigger-than-expected list of things my thanksgiving year changed in me, I'm here to share 7 more of the personal wonders:
  1. It made me realize the true value of family. I guess I haven't quite been taught it as a kid as it took gratitude to open my eyes and make me see family ties in a different light. I understand now that even if we don't always get along I can still count on them should anything happen. And even though I like to depend on myself when it comes to most things in life, I must admit it is a very comforting feeling to know that someone has your back.
  2. Now, in going through an uneasy situation, I look for the signs of healing in my behavior and way of thinking instead of focusing on the negative aspects of such situation and making it worse by not being of much help to myself.
  3. I don’t seem to be wishing for tragic endings to fiction books I read any more. This is amusing, but somehow I used to resent the idea of a happy ending, because one always seemed unrealistic to me. It sounded fake, too sweet and made no sense. I liked the characters flawed and broken and I needed the plot to be heart-wrenching and almost unbearable. Having recently read a new novel, I realized I actually wished everything in the storyline was going to end just fine. Maybe the change is because I’m finally ready to allow no more drama in my personal life and thus I can accept a happy ending in a book where tragedy isn’t necessary to get a point across. I guess I don't need reassurance in my misery and unhappiness since those two no longer tell the story of my life.
  4. In being so appreciative of all the good and bad times in my life, I really don’t feel this common 'feeling' of time running out or flying or otherwise being on the verge of disappearance. Everything seems to follow its own very right pace to me.
  5. When I'm not in love with some person I still feel like I'm in love with the whole world.
  6. When I was a teen I thought happiness was being understood by those you cared about the most, now I realize happiness is just as much about really understanding oneself first.
  7. I can go to bed and look forward to each new day, because regardless of what it brings, I know I'll be just fine. Tomorrow is a new day and there will be a new thing to be thankful for, and if there won't be a new thing to be thankful for, there would still be all the old things left. And if I lose those things tomorrow, there would still be my life and past to be thankful for... And if I die tomorrow, things just wouldn't matter, but while I'm here I can always find something to be thankful for.
That's all for now, but who knows, I might as well come back with more some time soon!


  1. Wow, number two really stuck out for me!

  2. love that you are thankful and have a positive attitude!

  3. I love your perspective so much- I'm serious. Just like this: I look for the signs of healing in my behavior and way of thinking instead of focusing on the negative aspects. You are such an old soul and have so much to say and contribute, I totally believe that.

    And per my blog: I know- so soon but our leases work out that way and it'll work out for my goal to move to Chicago so yes, so soon but very excited :)

  4. I enjoy reading your posts immensely! you are doing an amazing job. I'm taking all your posts as great advice.
    Happy Holidays my friend! xoxo Lily @ http://lilyonthewater.livejournal.com

  5. omg a picture really speaks a thousand of words! just like the picture in this post.. all of us should really be thankful for what we have now. :))


  6. I love the last one -- what you said about being excited and thankful for each new day. I try to live by this, as well.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Truthfully, your blog is so beautiful - I love the concept behind it, and I love to see how it has helped both you and your readers (myself included!) grow.

    So, Thank you!

  8. We all should take the time to reflect and work as you have shared your journey with us, pretty amazing stuff.

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  10. I was really drawn to number three because in the past I've always loved tragic endings to books and when I was in my early high school years I always wrote tragic endings to stories as well. Now, I still appreciate a sadder ending, both in writing and my own personal reading, but I also enjoy and root for happy endings as well. Maybe it does come from being aware of the good in life.

  11. I love your thoughtful list. I remember my yoga teacher telling me years ago about how before she found her path in life she had sad and depressing pictures in her home, which reminds me somehow of your former book endings...so wonderful when our endings become happy!

    Wishing you a very wonderful holiday!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. I can relate to #3! Happy holidays Julia! xx

  13. Love this post, Julia!! Very inspiring and enlighten me in certain way!!
    We family are flying to Netherlands and Spainin tomorrow so here is the wishes to u:
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!

    Xo Rachel

  14. I couldn't agree more for the point number one :)
    Lovely post

  15. what an awesome post! love the sign, so true!

  16. Wonderful. I'm especially loving the last one.

  17. You are truly an incredible person. I loved reading this. You always put things in perspective for me.


  18. Love your attitude of gratitude. Understanding oneself is so important as well as loving yourself - I don't think you can truly find love or good friends without knowing yourself first!

  19. ..very inspirational Julia , I need to work more on number 3 ,but Number 7 is great way to think and feel to wake up on the 1st of January :)


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