"What are you thankful for today?" is one of my favorite questions to ask and having asked it on various social networking platforms (both independently by myself and with the help of thankful people behind other websites) I came up with a summary of beautiful thankful answers, which are now displayed below for all to see and be inspired! Reading those gorgeous thanks always lifts my spirits and makes my heart smile, so I come back here often and hope you'll enjoy them just as much as I do. 

If you didn't participate in giving those thanks or want to express some more gratitude, feel free to submit your thankful thoughts in the comments section below. 

So, what are YOU thankful for today?

“The sunshine and that it's FRIDAY!” - Stephanie Rexroth (Pittsburgh, PA, United States)

“Got a JOB!!!” - Krista Guardi (United States)

“Waking up in my right mind. Thank you God!” - Andrea Ivory (United States)

“Today I'm thankful for the sun that shines so much and I can go outside and walk for a long period of time and listen to my favourite music and just watch the world and people and think about this whole magical place where I live and what the future will bring!” - Michal Kamocki (Poland)

“Leftover Chinese food & a fresh breeze” - Marco North (Moscow, Russia)

"Everything in my world" - Kimberly Campbell Wyant (United States)

"Books, home, food, vacation, family, haircut, fresh flowers" - Laura P. (United States)

“Finishing my Master's Thesis!” - Brooke Hektner Carlson (United States)

“Am thankful to my guy, who said I looked "LOVELY" 1st thing in the misty morning before we set ourselves to work... He just made my day :)” - Aflame!! (Pune, Maharastra, India)

“Today I'm especially thankful for being blessed with getting to meet such wonderful, amazing, caring, loving, godly people during the lasts months. I'm heart-melting thankful to share my life with them and knowing that no matter what I've done or who I am, God has granted me this gift to spent the eternity with all of them, and Him that has made all this possible, thanks to the faith that is in Jesus Christ” - Jose Roberto Nicolas Carlock (Oaxaca, Mexico)

“My freedom as a woman and opportunity for education!” - Rosalyn Ram

“This clean water for my huge hangover” - Roge San (Santa Ana ,CA, United States)

“A gift of a new day filled with great expectations” - Jaiye Mumuni (Lagos, Nigeria)

“Today I'm thankful for the rainbow I saw this morning while driving to work (it was huge, and I was driving right into rainbow end) At that moment I decided that this will be a good day. And it was.” - Iveta Porina (Latvia)

“My family and that I somehow still have hope for the world to be good. And that I still have not seen oil here on my home beach.” - Melinda Brock Reynolds (United States)

“Family and friends! The new awareness I recently discovered.” - Colleen Reitzel (United States)

“Best friends from middle school who are still your best friends and remind you that your life is full of wonderful people who don't forget about you, even if you're all spread across the country now . - Nimisha Thakore (United States)

“I'm very thankfull for the simple things that we usually take for granted: having current water going out of my taps, having a roof, never knowing what was beeing hungry, having been able to get an education but especially having a full use of my body, health.” - Renata Proenca (Oporto, Portugal)

“The ability to change.” - S.M. (United States)

"Being reunited with a dear friend after 20 years!" - Kathy Durbin (Roscommon, Michigan, United States)

"I am grateful for my family. They're just as weird as I am and they love me unconditionally. I can always be myself and get a hug" - Rose Wilton (Ontario, Canada)

“My new dog :)” - Emese Mate (United States)

“Two happy kids playing in the back seat.” - Rachel (United States) 

“The love of my life, my health and family!” - Tina Roberson

"This juicy life" - Kymberlee della Luce (Seattle, Washington, United States)

"Myself :p" - Anup Mehra

"My amazing mother. She is so awesome & I love her!" - Ina May Gunson

"I deeply appreciate good friends who are there to (kindly) remind you of very important things... Things that are necessary to remember and often hard to see" - Risa Garelick (Flagstaff, Arizona, United States)

"I am thankful for my age. I'll be 30 in April and though many hate turning 30, I'm so grateful to have expirienced all these years of life and look forward to many many many more" - Dee DiFonzo (Fort Worth, Texas, United States)

"Anyone who shows charity!" - Patricia Becker-Spellman

"I am grateful for so much, today - after hearing of a loss earlier this week. For life, health, two beautiful children... The ability to enjoy another day on this earth and to play in fresh snow with my children. Life passes too quickly... It's time to enjoy it MORE!!!!!" - Keisha Movius

"I am grateful for music and all its healing affects it has on my mood and outlook" - Tiffany Darby (Salt Lake City, Utah, United States)

"Tinybuddha and my family" - Bailey Dunmire (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States)

"My mom telling me that for the first time in over 15 years she woke up happy and had to tell me!" - Jenna Rae (Vernon BC, Canada)

"My hands to write with" - Michelle Ryan (writer and a community worker, Cornwall, United Kingdom)

"I'm grateful for feeling better after a bout of stomach flu. Thank goodness, I could eat today" - Melissa Sherbon (PA, United States)

"I am grateful for new experiences. I am greatful to hear from friends every day. I am greatful for naps with my boyfriend. I am greatful for conventions where you can be yourself. I am greatful for the pikachu suit, it's reputation, and the fun it provides. I am greatful for art nights, where I can actually focus on being creative rather than procrastinating. I am greatful for extra hours at my job, and very sweet cats and dogs. I am greatful for my father not kicking me out of the house when I showed him my tattoo. I am greatful for friends who genuinely care for me" - Sarah Marie Gilbert (Middlesex, New Jersey, United States)

"Waking up, knowing that late last night I found the missing chapter of the manuscript I'm working on... That's bliss!" - Jessica Macbeth (Washington State, United States)

"I appreciate loyalty. It’s a beautiful thing and I'm thankful for the handful of people that I know that display it" - Trenton K. Childs

"Waking up without an alarm, a great workout, and an acupuncture session!" - Sarah Haase (Salem, Massachusetts, United States)

"I appreciate having a clean car, inside & out. It's a lovely feeling" - Saida Mustakeem Latigue

"My wife’s patience and my daughter’s love - without both I would be lost" - Jeff Davis 

"My beautiful little girl and my boyfriend that treats us like princesses!" - Jennifer Reed

"Student loan repayment people helped me out so I can get back on my feet this year" - Shaec Cooper (Laramie, WY, United States)

"I am grateful for my family, my friends, and my home. I'm very fortunate to have abundant blessings!" - Mandi (Oakton, VA, United States)

"Having friends and family that love and protect me, emotionally, physically and spiritually" - Ramsey K. Metcalf (Washington DC, United States)

"Birds singing, cool air coming in the window, and a job I enjoy" - K. Woodson

"This very moment" - Renee Marino

"All the decisions that I've made to put me here, where I am now, a happy happy man with so much to look forward to in the near future" - Travis Garrett (Atlantic, Iowa, United States)

"I appreciate my health today. I was never a person who had health problems. I became one for a minute and it was very disheartening and humbling" - Erin Telford (licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a blogger, Brooklyn, NY, United States)

"The luxury of having an hour that I can work out at the gym" - Jane Dahlgren Zuroff (Mishawaka, Indiana, United States)

"The weather is beautiful today, and even though I'm sick, it makes the days a little brighter!" - Vanny Spencer (Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States)  

"Meeting someone who understands my position in life, having my hard work recognized and being asked to share my talent :D My children, husband and friends for letting me be me" - Nicky Sarpdag (Berlin, Germany)

"My coffee in the mornings! Mmm-mmm!" - Sharon Thomson

"Today I appreciated a work nemesis giving me a genuine smile as we passed in the hall. It's rare, but when it happens, I'm reminded that she's not as bad as my ego would have me believe" - Rebecca Ann Dreiling

"I appreciate the special bond I have with close friends. They are my family" - Patty Smith

"I've been filling out that Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude for a few weeks now and man, it really makes a person realize how much in their life they can be thankful for!" - Karla Schack Tomanka (Portland, Oregon, United States)


"I appreciate my family for supporting me in my challenges, my friends who lift my spirits, my customers who love my vintage store, the beauty all around me, yoga and meditation, the strangers who return my smiles" - Tonya McCormack (Denver, Colorado, United States)

"That my kids were awake before I left for work this am" - Bryon Lee Frye


"Life, love, music, not being worried about a job" - Jimmy Maheras (Los Angeles, CA, United States)

"I appreciate having legs so that I can dance!" - Teresa Ayer (San Diego, Ca, United States)

"1) Myself & my self-love; 2) My ability to gather knowledge; 3) My ability to dream... and create... 4) All the changes I am creating in my life; 5.)ALL those willing to share what they know without a price tag on it!!!" - Raven Taylor (Mesa, AZ, United States)

"For friends who have listening ears!!" - Annie Pryatel (student, Blacksburg, Virginia, United States)

"Today I appreciate my dad's help with some work, the food I ate today, the sun (was actually out today!), finding all the books I needed at the library, being around my partner... What is there not to appreciate?" - Kimberley Grimsditch


"The excitement lots of people in the Bay Area are exhibiting with the news that it might snow here. Fun!" - Trina L. (San Francisco, California, United States)

"A stranger opening the door for me. That was nice" - Brianne Nettelfield (Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada)

"I'm grateful for my family, friends, job. Grateful for laughter, smiles, love. Grateful for growth, spiritually and lessons that are given to us so we can learn and grow from" - Cindy-Grace Olivares (San Francisco, California, United States)


"That I have a roof over my head!" - Linda Fay Durham (Ontario, Canada)


"A warm house and plenty of food. I always think of the homeless on freezing days like today" - Christina (Yakima, United States)

"The ability to let go of the sad and bring in the happiness. When my day isn't going as I'd like it to, I can think of all I'm grateful for and bring happiness back into my heart" - Patty Marcial Pelayo


"Having space and trees outside my back door" - Janet Brisson


"The pure joy my dog shows when I come home from work!" - Kate Roselund


"Feeling like I Aced a Job interview!" - Rosalina (Ecuador)


"The efforts I make to restore inner balance and peace. The love of my family and my love for them. My ability to roll with the spontaneity of life" - Jennifer Butler-Williams

"I am grateful for my capacity to my body, in my heart" - Becky May Tyrrell (San Jose, CA, United States)


"An elderly couple and their love for each other" - David


"I appreciate the ABUNDANCE of LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH & WEALTH that is my birthright. I also appreciate the free yoga center in my community... Kept open by love donations!" - Emily Roberts (Asheville, North Carolina, United States)

"My family is flying in for my Saturday wedding" - Kirsty Clarke Arevalo (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)


"My lover, for helping me out today in a little but big way!" - Kelly Krohn


"Time spent in a dream with a deseased uncle" - Karlie Gardiner


"The sound of rain outside my window + all the pea-green things it brings" - Joey Bose (London, United Kingdom)

"I'm really appreciative of the ability to make my own choices" - Liz (Austin, Texas, United States)


"My daughter being alive after being in an accident where the car was going 110mph" - Crystal Boudreau


"I enjoy having a roof and thinking of those who do not have one. I am truly grateful for my life as it is today" - Bridget Busutil


"I appreciate TIME! It does heal all and makes you even more grateful that you have it and are able to be grateful for all that you have" - Nita Beaumont

"A quick walk to the coffee shop around the corner and a belly laugh with a co-worker" - Jill Robinson (Chicago, United States)


"Seeing my first spring flowers!" - Joanna Bell (London, United Kingdom)

"That I am going to give my boss a huge chocolate chip cookie to thank him for hiring me a year ago! ;-) He LOVES cookies!" - Kimberli Sebastian (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)   

"All of the fabulous people that have come into my life bringing me higher understanding!" - Denise L. Echols (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)

"Keeping my thankful journal has helped me realize that it's the little things in life that are the most beautiful. Sure I am thankful for my car, but the lady bug in the garden is what really made my day!" - Toni (Nevada, United States)

“I regularly write in my journal at least five things I'm thankful for the day...sometimes it's just a simple hug from my kid or a bag of M&Ms... I'm thankful for a lot of things. Keeps me happy all the time.” - Leah (Manila, Philippines)

“I was outside tonight thinking, "I'm thankful for stargazing. It always makes me feel so full of life." - Graham I. Haynes (USA)

"I'm very grateful to my coat. I bought it 6 years ago in Primark ( budget clothes shop) in UK for £8 and I'm still wearing it! Thank you for keeping me warm in -27, thanks for carrying all my keys, coins and trash in your pockets, thanks for stretching during all 9 months of pregnancy for my belly. You are a true true friend!" - Katya Andresen


  1. I am thankful that one of my customers finally paid me after a few months of them ignoring my calls.

  2. The little things that matter... :)

  3. I'm thankful that I have a wonderful son.

  4. I'm thankful that I saw your little picture in the comments of - Russ Chimes midnight club EP (part 3).

    really really beautiful... I am blown away :)

  5. Thankful for military veterans/families for their service/sacrifice - despite our varying beliefs about war/peace, the military provide an important service, often sacrificing their lives to protect our laws and societies.

  6. I'm thankful for so many things they can't all be expressed in a comment. Top of the list has to be my Savior Jesus Christ and all He's done for me. A close second is my Most Wonderful Husband and my beautiful daughter and her family. My bio family and my church family, new windows now and new flooring on the way, improved and improving health, MWH's job, and more and more and more.

  7. today is a special day...My neice (who is 26) is being released from the hospital. She has cystic fibrosis, and has just been added to the lung transplant list.
    When I am in my darkest moods, I look at what this beautiful young woman has been through for all of her life, all of the hospital stays, pills, injections, etc...
    It makes me thankful for what I do have, and how small my problems are.
    Thank you Meleah,your example of strength against all odds is an inspiriation

  8. Today just thankful being on ur blog reading all the notes I've never read before )))
    I guess tonight u will be thankful for finish last at the karting haha!
    thank u

  9. Today I am thankful for being! It is our American holiday, but I am thankful for the friends the internet has afforded me around the world.
    I am thankful that I look upon all with open eyes and a open heart.
    You are all my brothers and sisters...and why I may not always get along with my siblings, I am thankful that I have them, and I love them all!

  10. I am thankful for the meeting with my lovely little niece and for the time that we spend together.
    Nargis :)

  11. Once again I am thankful to live in the area that I live in. Just been out for a walk and food shopping and even on a cold, wet saturday morning, everyone has a warm smile on their face, polite demeanor and friendly disposition. Makes all the difference in the world.

  12. Well...

    Thankful story.

    One day, you reach a day in your life.
    You are not prepared to understand.
    Sometimes life is beautiful.

    Some people can help you.
    Sometimes you can hear.

    Today, in the end of the afternoon, I had a car crash.
    Not just material things.
    A car came and crash into me.

    Well, I am alive!
    This is the thing to be thankful!

    I was on the phone with one of my two brother which have cancer.
    Well, he is alive!
    This the thing to be thankful!

    I came out of my car, a little dazed.
    Looking around me, in the night, in the cold.
    Seeing one car in the middle of the road next to me.
    Seeing another car on the roadside.
    Seeing my car into the ditch.

    I called the 112 and tried to explain clearly the situation, not easy in fact...
    How many cars involved? How many people? How many injured? Where are you?
    Three cars, five or six persons!

    I went to the car on the other side of the road.
    The young passenger beside the conductor shout, with his blood-drenched face.
    Where is he hurt? How old is he?
    Arms, legs, face! Fifteen years old!

    Don't move him said the person on the phone!
    We are here kid! Don't worry!

    So many lights.
    Now the policemen.
    Now the ambulances.

    Everything went so faster.

    Life is beautiful!

    In the ambulance, I asked for the young guy.
    They cut him free of the car.
    It seems that it was especially his arm which was affected.
    Me... I have nothing, just a big face... I bang the left window of my car in the shock.
    Nothing to the legs, nothing to the arms.
    This is the thing to be thankful!

    I came back home in cab.
    I needed to be occupied.
    I called one more time my brother for reassured him.
    I went on the net.
    This is a thing to be thankful!

    One of the first thing I saw was on facebook:
    A Michael Jackson Clip, one of his best song to my mind (among others).
    And a message from you Julia, about the russian scientist and the positive thought!
    And I realize one thing: One of the first thing I thought after the accident was not that I have no chance,
    but on the contrary, that I have so much luck to be in good health!
    This is the thing to be thankful!

    And I need to say you something Julia.
    I think you don't realize that your thankful theory is not only good for you, it can help people, I mean really!
    Not only today for me.

    This is truly a special year for me (can wait for the new year day :)
    I mean, not only because of you ;)
    But I want you to know that you contributed to lead me to a higher place!


    I am very very very thankful to crossed your road on internet !!!!

    Sorry for this long speech.
    But I can't sleep! :)

    I am thankful to be able to write you this mail now, this is a fact.


  13. i am thankful that my husband did something for me without me myself go through the hassles to do it.

  14. I am thankful for the earthy smell of the air when it's about to rain. For the good morning kiss I am given whenever my boyfriend is in town. For eating at farmer's markets on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. For the feeling of losing myself in dance to sultry salsa music. For sharing dreams and secrets with my best friend over a chai tea latte. For the millions of stars reflected in the calm night waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For love and hope and freedom. For life.

  15. Today I'm thankful that I had lunch with my friend, I was able to laugh repeatedly at her hilarious life and it in turn, made mine better.

  16. Julia! Just wanted you to know that I linked to your blog with the word "gratitude" in one of my new posts, since I'm thankful for you always keeping in contact with me. Hope you're having a great day! :)

  17. I am thankful I found this blog two years ago (what a great inspiration it continues to be!), that 2012 is almost here and a group of my friends received a U.S. patent for an invention of theirs.

    Julia, stay enthusiastic, grateful and forever infinitely curious about this planet on which we live.

  18. Waking up this morning with a "Good Morning" from someone I do like. That makes me going to work with a large smile...

  19. Today I thankful to you being you!!

  20. thank you for this blog Julia, it's such an inspiration!

  21. I am thankful that I found this blog; and I am thankful for air conditioning and iced tea and for swimming pools. It is 118- 120 this weekend in Phoenix. Thankful to be reminded to be thankful!

  22. Thankful for a great night's rest. Thankful for the really bad day I had yesterday :)

  23. Great post! I bought new car yesterday!!

  24. Quite interesting article! Yesterday I had emergency situation and I needed money for medical expenses. I tried to borrow from friends but I didn't find any variant:( Thanks god there are such services like it helped me a lot!!!


I appreciate you taking the time to connect and share your thoughts, so thank you for your comment! And while you're at it... Why not tell me what you're thankful for today? ;-)