Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Kirill

I've never really gotten an opportunity to thank Kirill in person, but in my mind I have been thanking him constantly since year 2005. It was just 4 years ago but it feels like it happened in another lifetime - that's how much I've changed since then.

I'm thankful he made me a better woman to myself... Actually, I think he's the first man who actually made me feel like a woman, just by being in the same room. Somehow he made me simpler too. I used to spend hours getting ready to go buy a single carton of milk - that's how self-conscious and insecure I used to be. He opened my eyes to the fact that people could still like each other just for the way they are, something I long forgot before meeting him. Heck, I'm even thankful to him for inspiring my habit of daily green tea drinking!.. I did like green tea, but it's when you like someone, you want to like everything they like and adopt their habits and get interested in their interests... I picked up some of the best from you, you'd be proud.

So, Kirill, thank you for being in my life, even if just for a short while.


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