Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paris, je t'aime...

I'm thankful for my perfect trip to Paris for my birthday last year. Loved the city, loved it's vibe, loved it's diversity, loved seeing old friends again, loved getting to know people I knew just a little so much better, loved making new friends... I miss Paris and I will be back!

Big thanks to Antoine, Charles, Laetitia, Teddy, Pierre, Laure, Louise, Chloe, Wally and a huge thank you to Yannick.


  1. Love the concept of your blog. I particularly like the middle photo from this post. As for myself, I'm thankful for coffee, and the boost it's about to give me!


  2. Thank you, Graham! The mid photo is of the river Seine :) And I'm feeling you on the coffee thing, I'm also thankful for it daily!

  3. You're welcome, Lady Julia -- the pleasure was (almost) all mine... :p

  4. Okay, I must admit the above comment freaked me out at first, Mr. WANzilla lol

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