Sunday, December 27, 2009

Musee du Louvre

Today I want to give thanks to Charles, to my lovely friend and a perfect French gentleman. There are many things I could thank him for, but let's focus on our trip to the Musee du Louvre during my short but productive 4 day Paris trip at the dawn of 2008. We got to the Louvre late and it was getting close to the closing time, but since I had only so much time we decided to still go for it - running through the spacious halls and up and down the stairs was still a lot of fun. Charles happened to know the Louvre really well since he used to go a lot with his father when he was a kid, I'm sure I would totally get lost there if I was alone, and mind you, I speak no French!.. So, thank you, Charles, for taking me there and for being a perfect tour guide!


  1. so envious of your trip to paris! sounds like you had a fabulous time.

    merry christmas you (:


  2. Thanks, Sam! I did have a great time, definitely one of my most memorable trips, even if it was the shortest one too! :)

  3. Once again we're reading each other's blogs at the same moment! Maybe after a while this will cease to amaze me, but for now it still does.

    Anyway, I'm so happy you got to see the Louvre!! That's so awesome for you. What was your favorite piece?

  4. Haha, it is amazing, but I like all sorts of coincidences and my life is full of them, so I'm pretty comfortable with it :)

    Difficult question, Graham! I had so little time, so I didn't get to see much and believe it or not, I haven't even seen the armless Venuce de Milo or Mona Lisa and didn't have the time to go the Egyptian room (love all those Ancient Egyptian things)... BUT we did stumble upon something cool and very naughty lol I wanted to post a picture on here at first but then thought it would probably be not safe for work for most people... And well, since you're probably very curious by now, should I send you the picture via email?

  5. wow sounds like you had a great time in Paris!

    For all things fashion:

  6. Missy, I did! One of the best trips for sure :)

  7. Oh yay! I'm glad you posted more of your Paris photos. I enjoyed the Louvre, but got lost as well and was actually very overwhelmed. I guess I'm more of a small museum kind of gal. I hope you had a lovely Christmas sweetie!! xoxo

  8. You know what, I toured Louvre but I wasn't able to see everything because of time constraint and I didn't have a guide. I just went straight to the Mona Lisa.

    I took a cab going to Louvre then I told the driver "merci" when he dropped me off. He shouted back, "I didn't know you speak good French." I immediately walked away because that's the only French word I know. Hahaha!

  9. Shannon, yes, Louvre is huge! I think one better take it one step at a time go for shorter visits over the course of a few days lol

    Leah, hehe, something like that used to happen to me in Italy! Only more like I would greet the cab driver, tell the address and then they would ask me something else and I couldn't reply haha But hey, at least you saw the Mona Lisa! Thta was our original plan but we never got to it lol

  10. Julia, I posted the Eiffel pics.

  11. I was in the Eiffel area from 3pm until sundown so I got different moods of the tower. Yes, that red one was taken during sunset when all the lights were on. I don't know much about using filters and all so those are just from the lens shot.

    Noticed the similarity of our Eiffel pics? The one you posted before.

  12. LOL!!

    I'm so glad you sent me that pic. You made my day.

    You obviously have a sense of humor like mine :D


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