Monday, December 14, 2009

Are You Ready to Jump?

While I'm at the subject of boat trips, I want to say thank you for the kind of photography such trips allow! As if taking pictures of breathtakingly beautiful waters all around you (like I took on my trip to Tiran Island in Egypt) is not enough, one can take absolutely amazing shots of fellow boat trip companions. I, myself, am not into jumping off boats (or most other water activities or sports for that matter), but I love taking photos of those who are into it, and it looks like I'm not too bad at it, eh?..


  1. Definitely not bad at all... people jumping in water is such a carefree and liberating sight.

  2. I love the first pic! It makes me want to do the same...if it wasn't so cold outside that is :)

  3. oh how fun. i want to do that now.

  4. Great, playful photos! I've never been much of a water sports girl myself but love to watch others enjoying it. Ahhh, the feel of a water plunge into unknown liquid territory.

  5. such fun pictures!! and i LOVE the whole idea of your 'thank you' project!

  6. @Leah, "carefree and liberating" sounds like a perfect description to me!

    @Criket: Thank you! I'm kinda proud of how this one turned out lol

    @Savvy Girl: Thanks to you too, I guess if it makes you want to do that now I did a nice job of taking those pics haha

    @Gropius: Exactly - "the feel of a water plunge into UNKNOWN liquid territory", maybe that's why I'm not really into it lol

    @Pia: Thank you!! :-)

  7. I love your blog, thanks for dropping by mine x

  8. Realy great pics! Thak you! And good memories behind that pics, isnt it?=) Masha

    1. Aw Masha, thanks! Didn't expect you to stop by here :)


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