Friday, March 12, 2010

Dog Walks

Seeing a dog happily and proudly walking the streets by its owner's side is kind of rewarding. I've always appreciated the experience, especially on nice sunny days like that one in Barcelona.

P.S. The dog pictured is not mine - I just happen to do the most amuzing untouristy things when I travel.


  1. your legs are HAUTE! lol, love this outfit. it's so summer-ish. How's the weather over there anyway?!

    loooove these shoes Julia.

  2. Ohhhh..what a nice day! Unfortunately we have to dress in thick jackets not to freeze outside :(

    Girl you look A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! And this shoes rock, don't mind at all :)
    The doggy is soooo cute. Love pugs - they look just so adorable!!!

  3. You look great Julia... you are so pretty and your legs... wow!!!

    Oh this is about dog walking, hahaha! I love walking my dog!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Excellent the shoes recurrence!!! :)
    I love both pictures, but the second one angle shot is great!
    PS: Will I dare to say that Barcelona streets are very nice on sunny days?

  5. Oh, cute dog (& shoes)!

  6. Wow I just found your blog and that is such an amazing journey you are on of being thankful. I believe in that too! xoxo

  7. You are seriously too adorable!

  8. Bo, thanks!

    Christine, aw than you!! :) The weather is getting nicer, but definately not as nice as it was back in the day the picture was taken lol

    Pingu, thank you so much! Our current weather in Russia asks for more than a jacket! The picture's taken in Spain last summer :)

    Leah, lol, THANK YOU aww :)

    Guillaume, thanks!! :) I believe Barcelona is nice all year round, they some nearly perfect climate there I guess!

    naomemandeflores, thank you!

    Taj Acosta, thank you very much!

    Nina, thanks!! :)

  9. I know this post is about the dog, but I'm really captured by the outfit you put together. Looking above, it seems I'm not alone on that.

    I adore the way you tied your top in the middle, not to mention the necklace :)

  10. Awww, Graham, thank you!! Means a lot coming from you :)

  11. ..hello dear ..well , you look stunning , so natural , I totally love your outfit , denim shorts , the top - just looks very effortless and really cool because is so simple but stunning, I love simplicity in things , I mean too much can be too much ..the shoes : ) well , I have some shoes I wearing again and again , it happen to me last summer as well , in every picture the same shoes , but it's ok I guess we all have favorite things .. I really love your LOOK ..
    Oh ..about our little cute friends ..I do love look when the owner and doggy , both look 'in love ''s just nice kind of friendship ..
    have a wonderful weekend Julia

  12. Stumbled across your blog. :) What a fun project!.. and you are so adorable.

    xx Love & Aloha

  13. That means you really like your shoes. That is a good thing. : ) Btw, I think I fixed the problem with images on my blog. : )

  14. Ellinelle, thanks so so much, sweety!! And you're so right about friendship - it's one of the most genuine kinds on this planet :)

    sharonlei, thank you!! :)

    SG, true, I do like them a lot :)

  15. oh...i miss walking with my was so relaxing...

    i don't know what you say but these shoes are great...excuse me my sweet look great in general!

  16. My bf promised to get me a dog once I move to Boston. I've been here for 1 1/2 years and still no dog. He tricked me! lol

  17. I love dog walks too! And I love just seeing dogs being walked- adore it . You look SO cute in your pictures!

  18. wooow yummy god

    xx`cheeky girl

  19. Ohh soo cute this dog
    and shoes are beautiful!!


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