Monday, May 17, 2010

Seeing Flames

We've covered taste, smell and just recently hearing, so it's only natural we talk about vision now, right? The ability to see really is a gift, I can't even begin to imagine what a world is without being able to see the faces and the places you love. So here's to appreciating the incredible gift of eyesight, which is so easily taken for granted by all of us.

One of my most favorite things to look at is an open flame, I can just look at it for hours - love how mysterious it is. I swear some time into staring at an open fire I start believing I'm capable of so many things, it always seemed to have some energizing effect on me.
(Talk about the connection of your astrological sign and things... Who knows, maybe it really makes some sense since I am a Saggitarian)

I really enjoyed getting to know your favorite sounds, so what are your favorite things to look at?


  1. Ok so here comes what you told me, your love for the flames. You know very well how much I love the flames, but as you very rightly said I need my vision to see all the beautiful things I love and so I'm thankful for the vision. Thanks for sharing this great thought. Love!!

  2. You and me both.I love to sit around a fireplace in the wintertime to just stare at the fire.LOL Seriously I know what you mean.Im saggitarian as well.

  3. You never fail to amaze me Julia. I'm thankful for the gift of seeing but I can't stand looking at open flames too much. My eyes get so tired from all the flickering and reds. xoxo

  4. I forgot to tell you what my fave thing to look at is... I love to look at the ocean and the sea.

  5. gorgeous post ...I would be nothing without my eyes. I can't imaging life without them.

  6. ..oh , I do love the flames as well , it's definately magical , and also the sound is great - I love bonfires in summer and can look at them all night long ..
    ..I don't really know which is my favorite thing to look at ..but I do love to look at wheat fields ..I love to look at the fog..rain ..snowing ..oh yes , also I love to look at the stars and always find the big and small bear : )))

  7. oh i love a beautiful sunset. especially setting on the ocean. i know it's cliche, but seeing it go from bright fiery orange to soft muted grey and slowly dip behind the horizon - it's so magical.

    p.s. if you like flames, i have about 50 pictures of a flaming bowl of some galician liquor (don't ask! :) - very cool pictures of all sorts of flames!

  8. watching ocean waves crashing against rocks to create splashes. Makes me feel peaceful for some reason.

  9. So funny — I just lit some candles 5 minutes ago!

    Things I like to look at?

    If I'm being honest, the female form :)

  10. candles and flames and fire are so mesmerizing! What do I like to look at? patterns and lots of colors all together!

    stay classy love,

  11. heylo my first comment on your blog, although I've been following it for quite a while now. :)

    Firstly this is a brilliant idea and secondly from whatever posts I've read am convinced you are a wonderful, warm, talented and conscientious person (inside out) brimming with infectious positivity. And when am low or disappointed or negative in general I visit here and I recollect so many good things in my life and thank them.

    So thank you for this blog and keep it up :)

    oh also one of my favorite things to look at is a puppy cleaning his paws or sleeping, its so adorable makes me cry :)

  12. Ah sight, imagining a world without it is just too much. Fire is intrinsically fascinating so I understand your draw to it. I love looking at animals- I love watching them eat and go about their little lives, makes me happy.


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