Sunday, May 16, 2010

Most Inspiring Sound in the World

Warm big city night, the lights are dimmed, the window half open... I spent good half an hour yesterday just lying on my bed and taking in the atmosphere of this intoxicatingly inspiring sound - the sound of the city's racing cars by night through an open window.

I am thankful to have realized I loved this sound so much, and I am thankful for being able to hear, because it's truly heartwrenching for me to think how some people aren't able to hear a thing.

We've discussed taste and smell sensations before, now tell me, what is your most favorite sound and have you ever thought about it at all?

P.S. A very interesting blog on sounds I came across recently - Everyday Listening.


  1. ..ooh , I know that sound , it's very alive and neverstoping sound..and very exciting before good night out ..
    I think my sound is summer evening frog singing : ) honestly , I just love it , all nature around and all that sound together is like paradise ..for me it's kind of comfort sound as well ..oh yes ..I love the sound of rain as well ..

  2. Hi Julia! I can't really think about what my favorite sound is... but I'm definitely thankful that I can hear. I'm sure a lot of us take that for granted. I remember your smell post and how you love coffee and uncooked pancake batter!.. I never mentioned what my favorite smell was.. and that would have to be my hubby's breath; his "natural" breath, if that's what you call it. It just smells so sweet... it's like his breath never goes bad. ha ha, I'm sounding like a weirdo, but it's true!

    I hope you're having a fabulous Sunday... I'm excited for today. I get to watch one of my best friends daughter dance at her first Hula show! Yipeee.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. ahh as soon as I saw the first line of this post... this great image came into my mind and a great sense of nostalgy filled my heart, it sounded so much like a midsummer night, when the nights are short and the pink coloured dawn start early... One of my favourite sound is (and I think I have already mentioned it) the early spring morning bird singing, while I'm still in bed. Or the summer late evening grasshoppers concert.. or even better.. the smooth sound of waves at seven o'clock in the evening, after the sunset and just before the dark comes. it's the best hour in the day.
    Thank you for this wonderful post:) You always inspire me so much!

  4. That's so funny---I hate that sound! But the way you describe it, it makes me look at it in a different way. I love the sound of summer insects in the evening. Makes me feel so comforted. BTW, Husband and I are watching a program called Wild Russia about Russian wildlife. Makes me think of you!

  5. That site seems interesting indeed.

    I normally don't like hearing the traffic up on the highway outside our back yard...but I think I am used to the white noise and be able to sleep safe and sound!! Do I still hear it or do I not? :)

  6. I love listening to the city when I fall asleep at night.

  7. I love city sounds falling asleep at night but they drive me crazy in the morning... funny how that works. My fave is the sound of rain though... something about it is just so calming.

  8. True about hearing. I need absolutely silence for me to sleep well. : )

  9. Something I haven't heard in a long while. What I do hear though, are very very very noisy carpenters and steelworkers. Otherwise, the sounds are pleasant.
    Happy new week Julia!

  10. I love listening to the cars go by when I cannot sleep.

  11. Oh yeah! i remember that sound when I lived in Saigon...busy city. I got used to with the sound and i had no problem with sleeping. But, when my first time came back Saigon after many years away from it. I couldn't sleep!
    yes, we are thankful for being able to hear!

    Thank you for ur email.

  12. I love the sounds of birds chirping, water flowing and leaves rustling... those sounds have a very calming effect on me. xoxo

  13. I love that sound too!
    This post makes me miss the City :)


  14. i know what you mean....i came to Athens from a smaller city without that noise...but i got used to it and within the years i fell in love with this sound...
    My favorite...??winter on the beach hearing the sound of the waves...


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