Sunday, May 23, 2010

SpanishFest at M'ARS

The SpanishFest expo at M'ARS Gallery was fantastic! And it's not just the Spanish designers' creations that we loved - the gallery people were so impossibly nice and friendly it felt like we were some place else, the gallery could as well have been lost somewhere in the midst of old European streets. Definately thankful for the experience and definately will be going back again and again. You can practically go alone and still feel like you're there with a bunch of friends, the guys are so amazing!..

P.S. Isn't this chair above by Jaime Hayon just awesome?!.


  1. I adore that chair! It's funny I've found myself appreciating chair design more and more..

  2. Really interesting post. I have a strong urge to sit in that chair now, to see what it would feel like. I imagine the sound of the room would change quite a bit.

    PS. I love the comment you made about a piped blazer outfit! I think that was the most creative suggestion of all, and now I want to find a white tie.

    Also, it's really funny you mentioned your grandparents when you commented on my hair. My mother called me today just to convey that she hated my hair in that photo. haha. She said it reminded her of an old person with a bad perm! Anyway I got a haircut yesterday so that should end that.

  3. ..JULIA ..OH MY GOD !!! I LOVE those beauties , I would love to have them all ..I actually been searching for that tipe artichoke lampshade , I really like them ..

    The chair - I'm in love ; ) want it NOW : )

    THE CUTE SINKS - how beautiful is that !
    ..thank you for this post - very inspirational ..

    Ellinelle xxx

  4. i just love the lighting in the first image. gorgeous!

  5. wow, wow, wow- beautiful, creative and inviting. I am in love with it!! That chair IS awesome.


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