Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Soup

While I'm on the subject of berries (and apparently, breakfasts for that matter!), I just feel like being thankful for my fresh summer breakfast idea! I call it 'summer soup' - you just take small assorted berries (I used raspberries and blueberries) and put them into a bowl together with sliced strawberries and pour cold or room temperature milk over it. Fast, easy and delicious, just like that!
Now I know not many like the sound of milk with berries, but I believe it's worth a try if you like the taste of something like yogurt with mango or melon, or berries with mascarpone.
P.S. Excuse the amount of thankful food posting lately, but like with my interest in chairs, food is a passion I can't hide!


  1. I love milk with berries too... sometimes I even add sugar to make it sweeter. xoxo

  2. ..oooh , I love milk with berries too , I eat it now all the time , and it's so delicious and healthy's so good you introduce the rest of the people with that because a lot of people don't know such combination : ) like my bf ..oooh God ..milk and berries are one of the best treats : )

  3. Sounds delish. I'm trying to make an effort to get the breakfast in. Berries seem like a good way to start.

  4. I'm totally willing to give your summer soup a try!

  5. It actually sounds very good and refreshing. Perfect for summer. All the best for a happy Thursday Julia!


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