Monday, August 2, 2010

On Fire

The situation with wild fires in Russia seems to be getting worse, and without getting into too much sad detail I just want to say thanks for the fact that my family and friends are all okay!


  1. so sorry- I try not to follow the ones in California too much. But so sad when people lose their homes!

  2. I've stayed away from the TV during my vacation & didn't know this was scary. We've had fire scares in Florida, especially during the very dry time of year when we haven't started getting rain. It's frightening, and being out of the way of the flames is surely something to be grateful for. Glad you're far from it.

  3. I am glad your loved ones are all okay, darling!

    Definitely something to be thankful for!


  4. I heard about the fires. I hope they'll be contained very soon. I'm glad that you are all well.

  5. ..I heard about the fires as well and that is such a tragedy ..we enjoy the summer and hot weather but when it go wrong it go wrong and for humans is so hard to fight with nature ..that is so sad what is happening - all the nature and little creatures , so sad ..
    ..I saw in the news how dry is Russia's forests ..
    ..I am glad you are ok ..
    ..Hugs ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  6. you have such problems there too???
    it's so sad....
    hope everything comes back to normal soon...

  7. I love the whole outlook of your blog!! It is so refreshing to read positivity!!! YOU ROCK!!!
    Sending love to your family and peace to their country.
    The Beckerman Girls

  8. okay sadly... I thought this post was saying that you were tHANKFUL TO THE "Situation" from Jersey shore... hahah, oh my, I'm an idiot. I haven't heard about the wildfires over here but I too am glad your family is okay!

  9. every year many wild fires in Italy too - the saddest is that most of fires are caused by human beings

    have a nice August

    Rodolfo (Roma)


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