Sunday, February 20, 2011

Czech It Out: a Silly Thankful Little Thing

While I am a person who truly thinks there's no such thing as a silly thing to be thankful for, I sometimes feel something is smaller in comparison to other things gratitude-wise. This is when I remind myself that these simple things are important: they might be easier to miss and have a bigger chance of going unnoticed, but they're what makes the big picture and no moment of gratitude, no matter how tiny, can be considered un-worthy.

With this being said, it was easy to be thankful for my Prague trip earlier this month, which I've mentioned here, but the thankful experience just wouldn't be the same if I didn't feel ridiculously thankful for the following three things: 

a) Even while booking the trip and arranging everything to get my visa (Sadly, us Russians need visas to travel to most of the world's best destinations - this sucks big time and I am yet to find a good reason to be thankful for it!), I was already thankful for the satisfaction I felt each time I got to use my English language knowledge in a situation where it proved especially useful and where Russian would be of no help at all; 

b) Then while packing for the trip and carrying my luggage all the way over to my hotel in Prague (and back!), I felt excited and thankful that I got to use my smallest case again. The luggage is my favorite but I mostly travel with the bigger one I have - that trip being a weekend trip was the only possible excuse to pack only what's needed!

c) It just felt so good to travel to a place where you know you're wanted and awaited - I was visiting a friend and this feeling of going to the right place was overwhelmingly warm and positive. The feeling of being thankful for making the right travel destination decision had lasted through all of the trip and it was present at every moment. In fact, it's still here when I think back of it!

You get my point, right? No matter how small, silly or unimportant something you feel thankful for seems, you better feel it to the fullest - there's just nothing to lose and the world to gain.


  1. You should tell me how you managed to take the small case with you!!i always try it but i never can make it!

    From what i hear people in Prague don't really speak that much of English...good for you though that you use your knowledge...!
    And good for you that you had a great time...hope to see you soon in Greece too!

  2. Your positivity never ceases to make me smile!

  3. I would love to go to Prague (or Russia) and I believe that it's amazing that you even got to go! it sounds like this trip went exceedingly well for you and that is absolutely amazing. You're right, going somewhere where you know that the person wants you there is always the best destination to visit. You look beautiful in the picture you posted of it!! And is the Visa thing specific to Russa? Know a reason for it?

  4. Prague is just so romantic... Cubism Capital

  5. So true, darling!
    Love this post!


  6. I just found your blog and I adore the idea!! Can't wait to keep up from this point on :) P.S. My hubby is Ukrainian/Russian, I have yet to visit with him but am certainly looking forward to it!

  7. Julia! Magnificent photo! And I agree, no matter how small, you should be thankful for it. After all, it's the small things that make up the bigger picture ;)

  8. Totally understand! big and small, being thankful is wonderful! Wow, Prague looks incredible and I want to visit there someday!

  9. I can relate to that. Indians need visas to get into any place too! Would love to visit Russia but not knowing the language stopped us when we were in Europe

  10. I totally agree!

    That's a beautiful picture. A really feel good photo :) Wanna go to Prague someday! You're one lucky girl!

    Definitely, Maybe

  11. What a lovely trip! I wish I could visit Prague...sigh. :)

  12. I love the concept behind this blog! Definitely going to follow :)


    Welcome to my blog <3

  13. Thank you for being so thankful for everything. Reading your blog always brightens my day :)

  14. ..I love LOVE LOVE Prague , this city amazes me , also it has a little bit Riga feel , small and cute , especially the old town ..
    ..for me every little trip makes me happy , doesn't matter it's city or just a little village - there is always things to explore ..

  15. Prague looks amazing, im traveling europe over summer so i think that i will be making a stop there! Your very good with your words by the way, touched me!

    Beautiful blog... got yourself a new follower!
    Lots of love Belle



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