Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food Appreciation Week

When I wrote my Most Appreciated post on most viewed and most commented blog content during my thanksgiving year, I also took a look at what was popular in the post-'365 thanks' period, and one of those appreciated posts was All the Food I Was Thankful For

Remembering this post inspired me to proclaim this week a food appreciation week (you'll see what I have in store in the name of it soon!), which I immediately did on TTYP's Facebook page, and then on Twitter too. Yesterday I felt appreciative of berries, and today I'm appreciating mushrooms!

What foods do you appreciate?


  1. Yummy post!
    I appreciate ice cream and quesadillas!


  2. Oh yes, berries is a good one! I'm thankful for tomatoes!

  3. Encantador blog el tuyo, un placer haberme pasado por tu espacio.


  4. Peaches- they were so good this morning.

  5. oh gosh, I am thankful for good food every single day. Yum, yum, yum! Today I was thankful for the cucumber I ate with salad dressing, yum, it was soo good. I really love fresh vegetables and chicken, I will always be obsessed with that.

  6. As usual this is yet another post of yours which got my thoughts flying!

    My favourite food at the moment is definitely italian. Almost everything they cook here I go crazy! But it's not that much about the quality of the ingredients (like tomatos and all other fresh stuff, which is indeed deliciousss!) it's all about HOW they present them to you! It's all about the simplicity. Italians NEVER esagerate because it is only then that the singular taste of each ingredient comes out in the right way. Like for example in the beginning I used to think that a simple dish in a restaurant is sooo boring! Like what dish is that? In Estonia I was used to complicated recepies. Now.. I finally get it. There's nothing better than a fresh tomato in thick slices covered with good quality extra vergine olive oil, a little bit of salt and fresh basilico leaves on it.. just thre main ingredients all of great strong taste!

  7. Oh and my thoughts didn't finish here:)
    This summer, when I did my italian exam we were assigned to write an essay about our eating habits. One of the articles which we were given was about how UNESCO had recognized mediterranean cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. This got me thinking a lot: today we live so fast and so eating has become a secondary thing. This is so wrong! Food is our energy source, of our body AND mind. We should all take a moment a re-see our eating habits. In past in all Empires and florid societies (Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Oriental) food was accompanied by a special ritual. Every taste was enjoyed and it was sacral. So.. in my opinion food is not only something that fills your stomach. It must be treated well and the whole process should be done in a proper way, so you really feel you are treating yourself. And I'm not talking about eating in big quantities! Since then... I have tried to pay mroe attention and I stopped eating infront of pc and TV.
    So being thankful for food is very important! Keep up with these posts:)

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  9. Oh I'm afraid that question can reveal too much about me ahahaha! It depends on periods and also of where I am - in Italy or in Estonia. Usually italians have breakfast at the bar - they take an espresso coffe/caffè latte/cappuccino and some have cornetto too (sweet croissant), a really quick thing, they don't even sit down. In Estonia on the other hand we eat a lot! We have sandwiches with tea and porridge (I believe you know what I mean - kasha) or corn flakes or yogurt.. or eggs.. usually our breakfast is salty! So here I alternate - sometimes I have caffè latte with biscuits, sometimes I eat bread with some fresh things (cucumbers, paprika, tomato, pesto..). One thing that I have dreamed of for years is a freshly squeezed orange juice or a home made fruit smoothie.

    Boy.. when it comes to food we don't lack of words, don' we? lol

    And how does your morning-food-ritual look like?! :)

  10. Food is something I definitely very thankful for. Not only am I thankful for all the foods that are available to enjoy but I am very thankful that we have such easy access to it and are able to afford filling our stomaches whenever they are hungry, that in itself truly is something to be thankful for.

  11. ..oooh , I love everything fresh and from the garden ..smell of tomatoes make me go insane ..supermarkets never ever have those tomatoes with a scent of tomato ..
    ..also I loooove mushrooms when they smell like mushrooms ..

    Today I am very happy about my citrus fruit juice :)


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