Saturday, August 13, 2011

Most Appreciated

I'm feeling like taking a look at this blog's most appreciated content, and by 'most appreciated' I mean most viewed and most commented posts dating back to my thanksgiving year. After all, it's always interesting to see what other people search for on the internet and what lands them on your page, and I am most definitely interested in taking a look back at some of the best conversations held within the original The 'Thank You' Project.

I still find it kind of amusing that so many people keep stopping by my Honesty post, which is the most viewed entry from my year of thanks. Frankly, I don't even know what exactly drives them there and why there. The second most viewed post is Not Your Average Young Girl, followed by En Route. They're all good fun and I still can relate to everything I mentioned in each one of them!

When it comes to the most commented posts (or is it better to say the ones that inspired the most conversation between you and I?), the leading one is They Keep Talkin' About It, 'Cause They Can't Keep Up with Your Pace, where I dish on my love/hate relationship with the city of Moscow, and the one that apparently made many of you want to visit. Number two most commented post is One of the Things I'd Like to See Disappear Forever, and let me tell you, I am so glad so many are with me on it! Third most commented post is Little Joys of Life, which is a good reminder to be thankful for the little things in life.

One thing I realize now after reading these precious comments of yesteryear from all of you lovely thankful people, is that how much joy and warmth these memories bring to my heart right now! I appreciate every single one of you, and this post is my official notice of gratitude to you for making my thanksgiving year so special. I mean what I say! It's a little bit possible the year wouldn't have been such a success if it wasn't for you taking such an active part in it. THANK YOU! 

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  1. Yay this is such an awesome post.

    I always feel so happy too whenever people comment on my posts, it's a great feeling. :)

    Glad to see so many of your entries are so popular!

    The Cat Hag

  2. great blog ! wanna follow each other ?

    have you seen my new blogpost ?

  3. My most viewed blog is 'Getting in touch with your inner Tranny' 3,768 hits and counting (over double the hits of my next most popular post)- it still regularly comes in the top 3 viewed every month and tells you a lot about internet users and what they search for....

  4. Now that you brought it up, I was curious to see what was my most viewed post :p. It's my post on TOMS which has 2,215 visits. And I'm happy that's what came up since those shoes were made to support a very worthy cause, to give pairs of shoes to children in Africa and all over the world.

    About your blog, no.. Thank YOU :) I think you help us by reminding us of the big and little things that we should be grateful for.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, friend!

  5. P.s. Sorry for the previous comments that I had to delete. I thought my comments weren't published when in fact they were :/

  6. How sweet!
    You're welcome and thank you, too!


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    A great weekend.

  8. You're very sweet. I hope more good fortunes come to you!
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)


  9. As I am a new reader here, I am off to check all of these posts right now. They sound like amazing reads! :)

  10. It's always good to know what people consider worth reading. My post on The unexpected benefits of Blogging and Commentitng on Blogs are still my most popular posts.

  11. Very interesting to see the flow of who comes to your blog, for what and why, I love that you broke it down for us. I bet the Honesty one stems from people's desire to have that quality in their life- perhaps Googling while they're upset?! Blogging is a two way street, I know it's easy to be thankful to the commenter but like in my case, I loved your year of thanks so much and always shared it. I gained a lot from your blend of seemingly unimportant things to be thankful for to paramount things. It was really a wonderful idea! Thank YOU (as always) :)

  12. I just love the concept of your blog and am so glad that you are out there doing this! Hope you have many more years of thankful blogging!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. I am VERY happy for having discovered this blog because I've been inspired a lot by your post and messages. You know, Julia, when they say that a smile is contageous? Well it's the exactly same thing with positive thoughts and messages. No wonder your blog is popular!!! This is what we all need! Instead of whining and criticising (the web is FULL on negative stuff) one should save it's energy only on good things.



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