Tuesday, January 11, 2011

International Thank You Day

Each year January 11th is marked as International Thank You Day and it being a slightly magical 1/11/11 today makes it even cooler! The origin of the holiday seems to be unknown and many believe it was artificially created by some clever greeting cards company to help generate more sales, but it doesn't really make the concept less appealing, does it?

All that is expected of you to participate in the International Thank You Day celebration is to show your appreciation to the people who make your life beautiful. A reason good enough to pen a thank you note to someone special, or even to yourself!

My life has just recently been majorily beautified by my first ever radio appearance and even more so since I knew I had my friends in gratitude (these would be you!) to share this amazing experience with, so I want to express my most sincere thanks to all those who wished me well and tuned in to listen to the show! I must admit I was slightly nervous but these 3 hours that the show lasted were some of the most beautiful hours of my life

I also know that some of you sent kind words of feedback to Karen, the show's host and my amazing interviewer, and even though I don't know who exactly did it, I want to thank you for that!..

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  1. Oh thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to participate x

  2. ..hey sweetie ..hmmm , I didn't even know about this day , well , I will be writting few kind words to a few people and I love the 11.1.11 , that is really magical , I bet there is a lot of weddings around ..

    p.s ..and I must say I couldn't listen the interview , somehow my pc just didn't let me but in the same time I didn't had a problems to listen Lv radio ..that really made me mad because I was so looking forward to knowing you as a person even better ..I am hoping you have a record of that interview to somehow put it in your blog ?!

  3. What a lovely day. I will definitely thank my loved ones today!

  4. I love the idea of a day of thanks that is international- congrats on your radio interview- that is so wonderful!

  5. I didn't know about this day!
    I should definitely thank my wife...but i think i'm doing ot every day!

  6. didn't know, thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! I had no idea that today was national "thank you day"! I should put those thank you cards in my desk drawer to use :)

  8. I didn't know this day! Visibly, I'm not the only one :)
    You can confess now, you create it Julia !!? ;)

    Now, what is the next radio show? and where?
    Come on ! :))

  9. I have never heard of International Thank You Day! I think I'll celebrate tomorrow (although I guess it's technically today). I'll be a day late, but I guess it's better late than never, right? I'm excited about this, now! :)

  10. Oh wow! this is amazing. And well done on your radio feature! Congratulations!


  11. that is just so amazing and I'm so happy for you. I really wish I could hear it :( Bah! I had no idea this day was international thank you day and like you said, I'm okay with it being a fabricated concept because if it gets people to be more gracious towards one another, we all win. Thank you for always enlightening me about these ideas!!!

  12. Thank you, Julia, for your post about ITYD!

    And it wasn't a greeting card company creation. Please give credit to Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, the Creator and Promoter of International Thank You Day. Also, I am delighted to share her testimonial which appears on the back of my book, "Why ... THANK YOU! - How to Have FUN Writing Fantastic Notes and More"

    "Thankfully, we have Cat Wagman to help us get back to the common courtesies of Life, Living, and Remembering.
    Each page of Why ... THANK YOU! enlightens and is a lively experience. There isn't anyone anywhere who could or would not benefit from a Note of Thanks.
    As humble as this may sound: For a Job well done: THANKS, Cat!"

    Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
    Creator and Promoter of
    International Thank You Days ©
    Eventologist of The 21st Century ®

  13. We celebrate the day and appreciate the many wonderful things for which to be happy.
    Happy 2011 and welcome back
    If you fancy taking part, you know.
    A muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Awww I wish I had known about thank you day!! Darn, I missed it. :S I shall just have to make up for it by thanking everyone the rest of this week! ;)

    Great blog. xoxo

  15. Thank you!!! bye


  16. Liinda, linda, linda!
    Adorei tudinho aqui.
    Xeiinho bem grande flor'


  17. Thank you for the details about International Thank You Day

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