Friday, May 14, 2010

In a Thankful State of Mind

I've mentioned something not so fortunate happening to me a while ago and I've also mentioned being very busy due to it... I also said that I, suprisingly, wasn't that upset or angry because of it all, which, in turn, surprised some of you. Look, there are so many things to be thankful for with this situation! Firstly, I'm grateful it happened now. Now is spring, it's warm and sunny, and it's always better to run errands when the wheather's that good - you're all energetic and full of life. Secondly, I'm happy I have an opportunity to be driven around in a car rather than having to travel from one place to another by feet, metro, buses and whatnot. And thirdly, as the situation at hand is kind of not such small deal, I really understand that it could've been so much worse. Let's just say if I happened to travel out of the country in the last months I might've as well ended up not being let out of the country and that could've been slightly embarassing - I've never experienced such a thing before and definately not planning to ever try.

P.S. I'm not a criminal. All I have to say is I should've known better - laws are not always perfect and not knowing something doesn't make you completely innocent.


  1. Oh Julia you're just begging us to ask you what happened now.
    But I will hold back!

    Just because you have this blog doesn't mean you stop being entitled to a private life. And I respect that.

    Glad you're finding that silver lining, and I'm sending you positive vibrations today :) :)

  2. ..hello Julia ..I'm glad you have a great weather because it really makes you feel better , it's strange but warm weather and sun actually makes wonders , here is still cold cold cold ..need a good holiday :)

    ..everything happens for a reason and I am glad you are all right and everything is sorted ..and yes , there is so much laws we don't have a clue , it's better to find out about everything first , but the truth is we never really think something unexpected can happen ..
    have a great weekend : )))

  3. I hope that you have a great weekend dear girl x

  4. is that so serious???you know,here,every law has its "window" so everyone can "escape"...and thats the reason why this country isn't going forward...
    hope everything goes well and that you won't have any problem...


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