Saturday, May 15, 2010

The World Is Endless: Egypt

It just happened so that somehow Egypt's been playing a big part in my life. Back in school I loved studying about its ancient culture, enjoyed watching all the documentaries on it I could only come across and loved seeing real ancient Egyptian pieces in museums. When I traveled there for the first time in the spring of 2003 I had no idea I'd visit 3 times more in the next 5 years, but looks like it was just bound to happen - there's gotta be some wicked connection between me and Egy.

This Egyptian mood of mine was inspired by putting together the above Polyvore set for Wendy Brandes' contest, and honestly, I could write so much more on my epic love affair with Egypt, but this would have to be enough for this blog.

All I have left to say is the world is endless, the possibilities are endless and Egypt is endless to me too... Because I believe in coming back to places that your heart loves. So, today I am thankful for Egypt.

What is the place your heart fancies?


  1. Yes, it seems you have some strong connection with Egypt. On a lighter note, may be you were the princess of Giza, or may be some mummy attracts you there :)

  2. i have to say that Egypt has very big history and a well respected culture....

    my love for Italy and italian way of living is endless,i have to say...!!

  3. Ah yes Egypt has many things to see.But now life for Christians there is very rough.I wouldnt want to visit.

    My love for Greece and to see it would be awesome, my mother is greek.

  4. Yes, it is a mysterious country and has the oldest history as China.

    I probably would say my most desired country to live is Switzerland...just because it is the number 1 country w/ the most happiest people living in the world.

  5. My desire is to visit both France and Italy. I'm kind of romantic. Venice and Paris are probably the most romantic places in the world.

  6. ..oooh..Egypt always been one my dream places to go and still is ..I never been but most probably we are going there for holiday end of this year ..I know what you mean about Egypt , it's seems very mysterious , full of legends , with something special in the air ..can't wait to go there and not just for holiday but see all the ancient places as well , I know there is people who been to egypt numerous times but never even seen the pyramids !!!
    I think we fall for places if we had there some nice memories and unforgetable moments ..that make the connection I guess ..

    I would love to travel all around the world and learn about other cultures etc ..I have been to some amazing places but Portugal have some magic for me ..for now .. I would love to go Fiji ..
    ..your set is really cute , i didn't know you are on Polyvore : ) , I cant wait for SATC , it's full of arabic theme ..

  7. I'd love to visit Egypt one day!

  8. Love this post!

    Fab collage!


  9. That's pretty special that you have been able to travel so many times to this ancient country. I've never been but would love to. When I was in high school, Ramsey the Great was on a traveling exhibit that came to a local museum. It was fabulous. It's hard NOT to get drawn in to the pyramids.

  10. Love that gorgeous set. I'm trying to find the time to do mine. Ahhhhhh!

  11. Beautiful - amazing that u have been there before and even got to return. I have always wanted to go- that's kind of how I feel about Chicago.


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